[REQ] SimpleTPA - TPA'ing without Essentials [DONE BY SUSHI!]

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    Deleted user

    If someone could create the TPA feature of Essentials for me, that would be great.

    Plugin category: [FUN/TP]

    Suggested name: SimpleTPA

    What I want:
    I'd like someone to create the TPA feature of Essentials. Player 1 uses the /tpa command, and Player 2 has a choice to reject or accept it. If accepted by using /tpaccept, Player 1 gets tp'ed to Player 2.
    If rejected by using /tpdeny, Player 1 doesn't get tpa'ed to Player 2, and Player 1 gets a message saying so. There should be a 5 second cooldown time between each TPA. If a player doesn't do /tpaccept or /tpdeny for 30 seconds, the TPA invite is automatically rejected.
    In the config.yml, you can set how long the warmup should be between the /tpaccept and you actually teleporting there. 0 is no warmup.

    Ideas for commands:
    <> Required, [] Optional
    /tpa <player name> - Player 2 gets a TPA invite from Player 1
    /tpaccept - Player 2 accepts the TPA request from Player 1
    /tpdeny - Player 2 denies the TPA request from Player 1

    Ideas for permissions:
    SimpleTPA.tpa - Permissions node for someone to make a TPA request, to accept, and to deny.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP.

    Thank you!

    Developers who might be interested:
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    Ehm, if I may ask, why don't you make it yourself? I'm sure you're able to given your previous plugins ;).
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    NO U
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  4. This is included in CommandsEX. If you go to the BukkitDev project and find the Plugin Builder link, it will allow you to choose what features you want in the plugin, so if you only want tpa, only select tpa :D
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    Does it have all his cooldown specifications, and the thing where tp requests only stay alive for 30 seconds?
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  6. I think so, if not I'll add this for a future update possible 1.80, we almost have version 1.75 done and I could try and sneak it in there, but we want to get 1.75 out asap as it has some bug fixes.
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    Why do people not even search?
  8. I think he might've but not have been able to find something. Either that or he is trolling everyone to get them back for the countless threads he sees where people don't search.
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    I sure hope he is trolling XD, otherwise idk...
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    No, he's made requests for these "Simple" plugins before. I think they have actual use. Anyway, I'm making this plugin.
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    I really think that someone should make a completely modular "help" plugin(like essentials, commadbook, commandsex)
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    I think plugin devs should just make something for someone, even if the plugin exists. I sure wouldn't want a plugin packed with features that conflicts with another plugin I got with those same commands.
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    Not sure if trolling, or serious...
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    Ah, let me rephrase that.. If you tell someone to download a plugin that's packed with features that has what they want, with extra content that they don't want, that plugin may conflict with another plugin that they already have installed.
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    Here ShootToMaim.

    Plugin: Download
    Source Code: View | Download

        description: Allows you to use the /tpa command.
        default: true
        description: Allows you to use the /tpaccept command.
        default: true
        description: Allows you to use the /tpdeny command.
        default: true
        description: Send a teleport request to a player on the server.
        aliases: [tpr, tprequest]
        permission: simpletp.tpa
        permission-message: You do not have permission to use this command!
        description: Accept a teleport request.
        aliases: accept
        permission: simpletp.tpaccept
        permission-message: You do not have permission to use this command!
        description: Deny a teleport request.
        aliases: deny
        permission: simpletp.tpdeny
        permission-message: You do not have permission to use this command!
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    Sushi , You work fast. Good job.
    Cookie for you.
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  17. CommandsEx is completely modular :D

    Plugin Builder
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    The "Help" plugin was created by tkelly quite a while ago, but I'm not sure it's been continued.
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    Deleted user

    I owe you bro.

    I have searched.. just haven't found anything with the TPA of Essentials..

    Why would I be trolling? I'm just requesting a plugin that I would like. Essentials is too big for me, especially with all the permissions nodes. Also, half of the stuff that Essentials has I don't need.

    Too busy. I have a server hosting program to run, I have a job, a girlfriend, etc.
    I would make it myself, but i'm too lazy as well :p. Sushi , thanks. BTW, welcome to UltimateDev!
  20. I feel the same as you, thats why I started helping to develop CommandsEX and recently became the author of it.
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    Deleted user

    Notice the amount of permissions nodes. I wanted a plugin that was simple. Completely simple. Less than 5 permissions nodes, yet a very effective plugin.
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    No worries. TeleportSuite is a full suite of the teleport commands. It's got a lot of features you probably don't need. :cool:

    If all you need is /tpa, /tpaccept and /tpdeny, you could try one of the smaller plugins like TeleConfirmLite.
  24. Turns out my plugin CommandsEX does contain cooldowns and fancy stuff like that if your interested.
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    LOL. You forget sometimes that you added features. I do this alot.
  26. It's because I am not the original author of CommandsEX and I have only been working on CommandsEX for a few weeks.
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    Does this still work with 1.3.1? Can't seem to get my permissions working and not sure what the problem is. Every player can use /tpa even though I set the permission only for donaters.
  28. CommandsEX has this functionality and you can use the builder to only add the tpa commands.
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    Deleted user

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    "builder" being something that edits plugin.yml? thats not a builder >.>

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