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    My idea for Races, is just to provide a simple way a player can roleplay with a given set of customizable races, while keeping things as compatible as possible with other plugins by allowing the server owner/admins to configure each race based on a few permissions and a a small subset of settings.

    Players in Minecraft already pick their skins based on the type of character they like. Some of the most popular choices are creepers, slimes, pigmen, dwarves, elves and many others. Why not take that roleplay to the next level.

    The general flow of the plugin would be as follows:

    A player logs into the server, they are added to a database as the default race, it would be definable, but likely set to human.

    They are prompted to change their race via the "/race <race>" command. "/race list" would bring up the list of selectable races, and "/race info <race>" might print out the definable description for the race. "/race <playername>" would show you the inputted player's race, and some basic info on the race, similar to the info command.

    The list of races, as well as every other message in the plugin should look nice, and respect color codes based on configuration.

    Each race should be configurable to do the following:

    1) Have a truce with any number of definable monster types
    This would allow races like Slimes to be neutral with slimes, or Pigmen neutral to pigmen etc.

    2) Add or remove specific permission nodes
    This would be the primary way a server owner/admin would cusomize the race. For instance, lets say you have a plugin that adds a permission to prevent a user from receiving durability for using tools. This could be applied to a Dwarven race. Another possibility would be to add a permission node from a plugin that allows a player to receive extra experience. This could be added to an Ender-race or Elven race. Of course every ability and every permission node for this section would be managed by external plugins, and not the Races plugin

    3-4) Command to execute via console when player joins a race and Command to execute via console when player leaves a race
    This is just another way to use external plugins to do things to the particular player when they join a race. ie, send a mail through the console via essentials to warmly welcome them to the dwarven brethren, or to teach or unteach them a spell that might be used as a racial ability. The command should respect the {name} syntax, so that the commands can directly effect the player joining or exiting the race.

    For a first version, this would easily suffice for what I have in mind for it.

    But, If you were passionate about the plugin, it could be later expanded in later versions, to be bundled with a few passive abilities that could be applied to any given race without the need for external plugins. Abilities like, hunger bar depletes less, or immune to poison etc..

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