[REQ]Simple Mob Drop Disable (Near a spawner)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by UltraFaceguy, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Plugin category: Mechanics, probably.
    Suggested name: SimpleDropDisable
    What I want: Basically I've seen it done as part of larger, heftier plugins, and would love a simple plugin that does one simple thing;
    Stops monster drops and/or exp in a configurable proximity to a mob spawner.

    If you wante to get fancy with it, a system like this could be used: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/normalized-drops/ but honestly, just a simple block would be pretty perfect.
    Here are some specifics should somebody pick this up:
    -Config option for drop disable radius (X value, a Y value.)
    -Config option to disable drops (True/False)
    -Config option to disable exp (True/False)

    That's it. Simple.

    Ideas for commands: None needed. Just drag and drop the .jar and edit the config. I guess you could put some like /dropblock radius 9001 or a refresh. I guess.
    Ideas for permissions: None needed. Maybe an overide so you still get drops.
    When I'd like it by: Whenever. Sooner is obviously better, but, meh.

    Edited for better format. I like my own better personally, but I'm not the one making the rules! ^_^

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    Shameless bump, because I've seen it done, it is part of many large plugins.A simple plugin that does only this would make a lot of people happy, myself included.
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    Deleted user

    So you want a plugin that just disables people picking up mob spawners with silk touch?
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    Oh, my bad, I can see how this could confuse... I mean the drops from the monsters, nothing to do with the spawner block itself. Updated the first post to clairify ^_^
    ...did I really spell 'spawner' wrong in the title...?

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    Deleted user

    Yes, yes you did. And mob spawners don't actually 'drop' anything excluding itself.
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    Of this I am aware.

    Make the title less crappy! W000000000t.

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    In case it's still not clear enough, I'm quite sure what UltraFaceguy wants is a plugin that will stop mobs which were spawned via a mob spawner from dropping items when killed.

    I would also REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like a plugin that does this.
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    MCCity fix has this... I thought it'd be too heavy for my server, but turns out you can disable all the other features. :) It has a other "normalizing" features to stop this incessant infinite farming...
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    I think he meant radius, but maybe this will do?
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    Made June 19th as my first post, before the sticky said not to, and even I thought it was silly, I never did it again. I merely copied what I saw at the time.

    When you assume, you make an ass of yourself.
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    It was a joke, calm down boi.
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    As always, the prerequisite for a joke is that it be funny. Also, an indication that is was a joke, and you aren't just some random tool would help.
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