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    I need someone that's good with java, that can make a world guard plugin that's simple to use, because worldguard is way to hard for some of my mods, so I need something really simple to use, has permissions, and has 3 commands max. you would define the regions using a wooden pick-axe, the type something like /swg create (region name)(Owners [if you don't put anything here, it will default to you]) and to modify the regions or owners, type /swg modify, and to remove the region, you would type /swg remove (region name), but only admins may delete other peoples regions, and different people can make regions with the same name, as the regions are saved to the name of the person that created it, and maybe, theres an option, when you walk into someones region, it tells you that your in there region. by clicking it with a configurable block, any help would be greatly appreciated, as I dont know shit about coding, but will try to help as best I can,

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