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    Alright so I searched the site for this specific idea for a plugin and only have seen plugins that can do this idea partially.

    The Plugin:

    Instead of being able to go straight to making tools past wooden, you have to get a certain amount of blocks to 'unlock' or rather 'research' the ability to do so. So, you make your wooden axe and cut down some trees but it won't let you make a stone tool yet until you get a certain amount of stone with your wooden pickaxe. Then when you get that amount set in the config file, you have to get to either a higher amount of stone to unlock other tools or use other materials that have to do with them e.g. an amount of grass seeds for higher tier hoe, sand for shovel, certain amount of logs for axe etc. This would then continue onwards with iron, gold, diamond and other recipes being blocked until 'researched'. An example list if you had 1 log:
    Stone Axe 0/100
    Wooden Pickaxe 4/100
    Wooden Shovel 4/50
    Wooden Hoe 0/100 (seeds needed)
    Wooden Sword 4/100
    Want to use planks instead? It should be configurable for what is needed to complete the research.

    How this would function is quite similar to uQuest http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fu...customizable-quest-system-cb-677-cb-602.7092/
    because it would have something along the lines of requiring you get a number of blocks before you can unlock a recipe for the workbench that lets you make stone pickaxes. Perhaps it wouldn't be command based or it would be but similar to using one of the many plugins that lets you put commands on the sign and right clicking it with a line filled with something like "Research [StonePickaxe]" to "turn in" the blocks gathered. Alternatively to "Research [StonePickAxe]" it could just read "[Research]" and when right clicked, it simply turns in according to a configured list of what is unlocked in order:
    Wooden Pickaxe
    Wooden Shovel
    Wooden Hoe
    Wooden Sword
    Stone Axe

    Also similar is mcmmo http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/me...ction-redefined-permissions-support-677.3505/ because of how it unlocks additional functions through xp gaining when using specific tools/items. Perhaps typing "/research stats" would tell you a list of progress in each research area e.g. "Stone Axe 0/100" and when you get a certain amount of a material for research, it periodically tells you how far along you are:
    "You've reached 25% towards researching Wooden Pickaxe/Shovel/Sword." similar to getting xp in mcmmo.

    Any ideas to add? Any suggestions to what I could use instead of making this request? I only use Flatfile though so hopefully this request interests someone.

    12 views and no input? I'm curious to know why.

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    So you want a level up system? break this much block before you can make that kind of tool?
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    I suppose that would be a way of putting it. The best way I could simplify it would be making every individual item recipe buyable and sellable and that part at least could be done by putting something like
    RecipeName: Price
    on a sign. But like you said, level up system like mcmmo or maybe just an addon plugin to it.

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    how about you have to have X amount of a material in you inventory to use Z tool
    i could do that
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    Hmm, well i guess it could work. Dont think bukkit added support for the inventory_change or inventory_transaction event. If that is in bukkit its possible.
    I like the idea.

    OH wait just came up with an other idea. If the user didn't buy the recipe, he can still craft it, but when he tries to use it it falls apart.
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    or remove it from inventory i was just do a onBlockBreakEvent get the tool used, get the inventory and determine if the person can do this action and set the cancled

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