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    Plugin category: Fun/Roleplay

    Suggested name: Towny/Factions Reputations

    What I want: I'm looking for a plugin that will allow players on a pvp SMP server to earn reputation with the server's various Factions towns through various behaviors that can be selected via a config file. I could also see this plugin being adapted to work with Towny towns, or other town/guild/nation creating plugins.

    The plugin should do the following:
    1) Start all new members to the server with 0 Rep with all existing Towns/Kingdoms/Factions/Guilds
    2) Slowly erode both + or - Reputation to 0 (config rate or toggle)
    3) Allow Faction Friendly NPCs to KoS or assist players based on +/- Rep. (Such as Citizens2)
    4) Provide a way for server admins to create custom ways to gain or lose Rep. (i.e. Stealing, Greifing, Killing, town wars, etc etc)
    5) Disable reputation loss in special conditions (i.e. specific worldguard region "arenas")

    6) Provide discounts/bonuses on various town services based on Rep (requiring an economy plugin).
    7) Allow Town Mayors to manually add or remove reputation for individuals.

    Example 1: Bob is new to the server, and so has 0 rep with all towns on the server. He wanders around and gets into combat with another player, Paul. Bob kills Paul, and gains -2 Rep with Paul's town, -1 Rep with each of Paul's Ally-towns, and +1 Rep with each of Paul's Enemy-towns.

    Example 2: Bob joins a town. For every X hours/days (configurable) he is an active member, Bob earns +1 rep with his town, and -.5 rep with each of the town's enemies.

    Example 3: Bob's town just declared peace with an enemy after a long and gruesome war. All of the citizen's of Bob's town now gain .5 rep every X hours/days (configurable) with their former enemy until they reach neutral.

    Ideas for commands:- /rep # lists the reputation of the user with the various factions
    - /rep faction # lists all the players with reputation with the user's own faction

    ## Requires reputation.adjustown

    - /rep <player> +/-x # Adds or subtracts x amount of rep for a player with user's own faction.
    - /rep <player> reset # Resets a player's rep to 0 with user's own faction

    ## Requires reputation.adjustall
    - /rep report <faction> # lists the players with reputation with listed faction
    - /rep admin <faction> <player> x # manually set a player's reputation with any faction

    Ideas for permissions: reputation.adjustown - allows a group/rank/individual to manually adjust a player's reputation with their own faction. - For Town Mayor types
    reputation.adjustall - allows a group/rank/individual to manually adjust a player's reputation with all factions. - For Admins

    When I'd like it by: Shortly after Bukkit updates to 1.5 or as soon as it can be managed. No rush.
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    so this plugin would have to be worked in with factions is what your saying?
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    It doesn't have to be just Factions, but I would like it to work with Factions since that is my plugin of choice.
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    Would love to see someone take this and run with it.
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    Its Just these little things that can make a server a lot better xD

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