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    Plugin category: Anti-Griefing ish

    Suggested name: RegionBlacklist.

    A bit about me: I'm a plugin dev who frequents plugin requests looking for good ideas, or a good cause, or just the offer of a bit of pizza (I do love pizza) and wanted to make an example of how to properly format a plugin request post. Don't ask me what plugins I've created, no really, don't.

    What I want:

    Region based Blacklist which uses Worldguard regions.
    Blacklist is for which blocks can be placed/broken in the region. This would make me love you forever :]

    Possible Config:

    World: Survival
    Region: Quarry
    #leave blank to allow all
    Block Break: [Stone, Grass, Dirt]
    Allow Break: [Ironore, Goldore, Diamondore]
    (Players can break iron ore, gold ore and diamond ore, and CANNOT break stone, grass and dirt.)
    NOTE: All interactions with objects such as doors and placing carts on protected tracks should still work. Eg Powered rail is protected. Player can NOT break the track but can place a cart on it.
    Ideas for commands:

    /bregion define [Name]
    /bregion block [Item id,item id,item id...]
    /bregion allow [Item it,item id,item id...]
    /bregion delete [Name]
    (it would use World Edit to mark the corners of the region.)

    Ideas for permissions:

    Bregion.define (block and allow)

    Willing to pay up to: I will become your slave forever :]

    When I'd like it by: Before the New Year? If possible, Take your time please :]

    Similar plugin requests: None :]
  2. What are you trying to achive?
    I bet you can do it with WorldGuard.
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    You can do that with worldguard..
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    You can block the breaking of only 3 types of blocks with worldguard? because whenever i try it, it doesnt allow anyone to break anything inside the area...

    I want to only block the breaking of stone grass and dirt in my Quarry. I wish to allow players to mine the ores which i have set to regenerate. But if they break the stone grass and dirt, the ores are just floating. I simply want them to be able to break the ores and NOT the stone grass and dirt :]
  5. So if I get this right you can blacklist the protection of certain blocks by adding
    No sure though, never tried something like that.
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    I think he is asking for the opposite ;).. Only protect grass, stone, dirt.. So it would probably be:
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    That would block the whole world, not the region :\
  8. Seems so!
    Maybe someone can wrap up a WorldGuard Addon or knows a way to do it without.
    I think it's kinda strange that regions have no blacklists... maybe they have, but I didn't found anything about it on the wiki. http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldGuard
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    I've looked everywhere... I simply want regions to have a blacklist. But all the plugins I find are from CB 1000 :\

    Can anyone make this please? D:

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  10. bump :)
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    C'mon. 158 views and NOONE can make it? D: doesn't seem realistic :'(
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    Anyone willing to make this?
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    I need this too
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    I could do this. Send me a PM or add me on skype (oman95891) so I don't forget.
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    Bumpppp, need this too in my adventure mappo !
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    BUMP need this for my tekkit server!
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    Push, pls i also really need this addon ;)
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    Few months later, I don't know if there is another solution but if someone would make this plugin it would be awesome :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    You're probably right.
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    It is but it's the only topic I found for that :/ Thanks nichiatu :)

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