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    Hi, I'd like to make a request. The plugins I've found so far are slightly too much for our players needs.

    Redstone Fences
    So basically my thoughts are, this would allow for us to setup underground powerlines. Which would allow us to light lanterns on tops of fence posts all over our cities. All our lanterns wouldn't need to be fat to hide the torches.
    It would also allow for transmitting power up the length of tall buildings, without the need for the alternating redstone torches.
    A big thing for us would also be the lighting of hanging lanterns in our large structures. But this might need more than power directly above and below the fence.
    All without the need for the 'magical' solutions of some other redstone plugins I've seen.
    Thanks for your time reading this!
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    I'm going to try and remake that plugin. I could decompile it, but I'm just going to do it from scratch.

    Hopefully will have something in the next day or so :)
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    I checked how it was working - it just changes the block on top of the fence to redstone torch - so it's not exactly what it should do.
    But, with huge modification of that idea, I made FenceLamps: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/feneclamps/

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