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    Ever want to play a REAL type of RPG for minecraft? Well I think this would the best plugin out there for every RPG server! Instead of the boring chop down a tree and get 8 wood for a piece of coal why not have a real RPG with a NPC based story line!

    ---Features which I think it should consist of---
    - NPCs of course
    - NPCs with triggerwords (or even sentences instead of just one word)
    - Quest system
    - XP system
    - XP and loot for completing a quest

    First off I would like to say this plugin we need NPCs for sure. I guess you could have signs with words on them but what's the fun in that? It would be cool if the NPCs could walk around and follow certain paths to make a better RPG experience. Also have a way so NPCs can wear skins that you can give them. They should also have triggerwords or sentences that they will respond to. They should also include some sort of anti cheat system so players cannot skip ahead in quests. For example once you get a quest then their text that they changes (just for the one player who got that quest don't have it change for anyone unless they get that quest.

    -Quests System-
    The quests system for this plugin would be way different then any of the other plugins for quests. I'm thinking like a huge story mode of quests that are giving from NPCs. I've have also thought of a way a person could setup quests for NPCs. For each NPC related to a quest they would receive an ID to represent the order in which a player must talk to certain NPCs. For example a player recieves a quest from an NPCs. Then the player can only get info from an NPCs from the one next in the ID line of the quest instead of going to the last person in the quest and finishing it. Going along with each NPC in the ID line they should also have special text that only a player can see when they have that certain quest for that NPC. Here's an example of a way it would be setup and played. Setting up a Quest Ex.- First create the NPCs associated with that quest, than goto to the first NPC that gives out the quest and right click him and type something like /npc queststart The Missing Treasure, then goto the next npc in the quest line and type /npc 1 The Missing Treasure and them to the next npc /npc 2 The missing Treasure and so on, and then for the last NPC in the quest /npc questfinish The Missing Treasure, and also for the special quest only NPC talk you could do /npc questtalk The Missing Treasure npcID "The treasure is under the rock! Playing a Quest- You talk to an NPC that starts a quest and he says blahblahblahblah Will you accept this quest? You type /npc questname accept. And then that would trigger the questtalk for those NPCs for you in the quest. So you goto all the NPCs in the quest blahblablah you get to the last NPC and you automatically finish the quest and the questtalk for those NPCs in the quest goes awayfor you. In addition to everything else I think you shouldn't be allowed to accept quests from some NPCs unless you have finished a quest that would allow you to accept there quests. Also you should only be able to do the same quest every 12 or 24 hours.

    -XP and Loot-
    At the end of each quest you should receive some kind of reward. When you finish a quest you receive 2 gold and some xp or something from the quest finishing npc. With XP there should be ranks starting at peasant and going all they way up to a prince. Each rank should be a set amount of XP that player must receive in order to rank up.

    Sorry for the extremely long request but I think this plugin could go places! Btw I know there is other NPC plugins such as citizens and npcx but those have nothing which this plugin could if someone actually made it!

    It would make my day and many other peoples if someone did create this plugin!
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    Anyone interested?
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    I like the idea, I think the Citizens developer is working on it already.
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    Yea but I bet it won't have the same kind of quest system...
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    Here was my suggestion:

    i would really appreciate this kind of plugin, because im more of a fan of making huge talking quests to get information about a background story or something :)
    Rather than quests like "cut down 100 trees to get 1 stick!"
    Of course, the quest NPC could tell you that he just made a flute for you and you need to play it for the king so he can give you either experience or money or something else like items (hook up to other plugins like iconomy)

    Type of Quests:

    • killing X monsters/animals AND/OR/NOT/(other logical or arithmetic operators) Y monsters/animals to proceed.
    • collecting X of a material AND/OR/NOT Y materials to proceed
    • clear inventory to proceed AND/OR/NOT clear X items of the type Y to proceed
    • have material X in inventory AND/OR/NOT material Y to proceed
    • talk to NPC X AND/OR/NOT to NPC Y to proceed
    • guard a NPC (kill X monsters in Z (seconds, minutes or hours) time (monsters which will spawn(in a radius of Y around the NPC) to aim to the NPC and drain his life variable, which effects another text after talking to the NPC or forcing a message ) - if this type of quest is too hard tell please, its just an idea.
    • bring material X to NPC Y
    • get to point X/Y/Z
    of course you should be also set a zone/radius to all these type of quests, so you can't kill spiders on the safe ground, if the NPC asks you to kill Spiders in a tunnel ;)
    Triggered NPCs:
    These are invisible NPCs which only appear if you fullfilled a type of quest, or part of it.
    and vanish after finishing talking.

    Lets take the upper NPC as example:

    "hey adventurer, you seem to look like a hunter, would you please lead me to the other side of this cave?
    its so dark and full of spiders! unfortunatly i cant climb this mountain because im too old, please help me adventurer"
    of course we say "oh sure!" and in this moment many evil spiders spawn in the defined zone.
    when you killed at least 1 spider and if you reached the end of the cave, the NPC appears on this side of the cave, and the spider spawner is deactivated!
    And now when you are done with your heroic part the NPC begins to talk automatically.
    "oh, thanks a lot, i would have to walk miles around that cave, earlier this cave leaded also to a water basin which was so clear and enjoyable to drink, oh i really would like to drink once more from that magic water there, but well *cough* thanks for leading me through this cave, im sure you can need this diamond sword!"
    our hero answers "oh, well, i could have needed that earlier *grrr*" but we say thanks and let the NPC stay, so someone else can continue the quest.

    this quest has 2 options, repeatable NPC but only for ONE!
    either leading the npc through the cave (but he remembers your "name" so first one leads him through cave, and the 2. guy leads him back again, the third guy does again the first part of this quest.
    there is also a hidden quest there which is automatically "open" for you if you lead him once through that cave,
    this 2. optional "hidden" quest is finding that water basin, when you reached that area you obtain a bucket full of water and you can return it to the NPC to get something less or more, or you keep that bucket, but we do want to know how the story goes on, so we return the bucket and he enjoys the drink.
    you could take any bucket with water! important is that you reached this point X and you brang material Y to the NPC Z :)

    i hope i explained that good enough.

    NPCs should be able to:
    act differently if holding other items, or act always the same.
    say different things after fullfilling a part of a quest.
    act differently to other groups, and give them different quests, (we have jobs on our server and dont want everyone to random deathmatch the whole server, so killing monster quests only for hunters and soldiers hehe)
    open other quests automatically.
    obtain skins defined by wearing them, (i have no idea if this is server or client side, but is it possible that you upload that skin, tell the NPC to wear your skin, upload it to the server, and then you can change back and he keeps the skin, that would be very awesome!)

    i am still thinking about a good way to configure these QuestNPCs.
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    I like your ideas Misanthropx. Now we just need a developer xD
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    oh right :(
    I thought @fullwall is currently in this, but I have no idea as he is currently on some journay or something like that (if I got him right on his last status message)
    Would love this so much
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    Fullwall said he would make it?
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