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    I think it could be worth while to have a plugin like this. It could help in preventing burnout from valued players, and help prevent idlers in a different way. New added game play style, similar to those who are familiar with old BBS style games like LORD or Extillus.

    My idea for this plug is the following:
    • Record Total time play stats for all players.
      • Track day, week, month and year stats. Commands that could be ran from chat.
      • Sign support. Ability during sign creation you would add something like "#playtime" and each line would display times in ascending order starting with day.
    • Set a playtime per rank/permission group.
      • IE: i could configure guests to be limited to 10 minutes of gameplay per day, trusted players to 3 hours per day and staff to unlimited.
    • Economy hook-in
      • Admin abilities to easily create signs to allow players to buy more time. IE: potential sign configuration: line 1: #playtime-buy line 2: $$$ . This would add a predetermined phrase that would be configurable in a .conf file that would display at the end of the sign creation. IE: "Buy more play time: 200 coins" coins could be a variable that is set if other servers call their money something else.
      • Add a max buy ability. This way, even though anyone could technically buy all the time they want to play for 24/7, you could prevent it so no one burns out.
      • Plays can trade or give time between each other. These would be command only, players should not be able to build playtime shops to sell their time. trade command would require $$ arguments where give would not.
    • Admin commands
      • The ability to turn it on and off, without affecting their recorded playtime limit.
      • Give extra time to players
      • Remove time from players
      • Ability to kick all players without affecting their recorded playtime limit.
      • Command that would clear all stats, essentially wiping the database clean(reset to defaults command)
    • Configuration abilities
      • Control whether or not to track total play time stats or choose which ones you want to track. Obviously, some tracking is needed for this to work but it wouldn't need to keep days worth of information is someone didn't want to track long term stats.
      • control configuration from chat and allow for a reload of options in game without the need to reload the server (if possible)
      • Flat file or database storage options.
      • Display messages for time remaining, time bought, when time is removed/given by admin and when a admin sets temp. unlimited.
        • sub-configuration for when to warn when about to be kicked for running out of time.
        • message to display when user attempts to reconnect after their allotted time has ran out for the day.
      • Option to give first time users an additional bonus time of a defined amount. It would need to be able to be defined in a way so that it's not given to guests but trusted users if said server is configured as such. (if possible)
      • Option to allow rollover of extra time to the next day or not.
        • sub-options to cap roll-over time and when roll-over time would be reset. IE: at the end of every ## week's or ## month's.
        • warning message when users will lose roll over time and ability to define when that's show. IE: at login and the day before or hours before, maybe never.
      • Set max times a player can trade/give time to other players


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    Uh, wow.... To each their own, but this seems like a very controling Dictatorship that would not be fun at all.... It reminds me of going to a computer lab when I was a kid where I had to buy time on the computers to game.

    On the topic of the actual plugin: You want it to log how long players have been playing on the server. A plugin would only be able to track time online starting when it gets installed on your server.

    Other than that, all of your requests are doable ....
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    Sorry it came off that way. My intentions aren't to control others but to rather just limit play time or to give people options for servers setup for donations a better incentive to donate (not my reason for the request though). I love options, and options are great. I think what really would remove the controlling aspect you are referring to is the ability to buy more time.

    All the options i listed are just things i could think up that others may want if the plugin was to get picked up by a developer.

    As far as when it could track the time, i understand that. :D

    Oh and i guess you must have never played any BBS games growing up to understand that it can indeed add a extra fun level and a new desire to play the game.
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    **Additional idea

    OH i just remembered that in LORD if you came across certain people or items while "wandering the forest" and you chose the correct option or won the battle against the creature, you could earn more play turns. SO, maybe an additional option to give extra $TIME for every $ORE_TYPE is mined or something.

    IE: Admin sets diamond blocks to give 30min of game play per block. Then the player finds a vein of 3, they would get an extra 1hr and 30min of game play.
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    I also like to see such a plugin. It is a good idea
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    At first I thought limiting playtime would be dumb, but then I thought of how it can keep griefers on the server less and friendly users on more. (Of course any new players would also be limited in time, but admins can work that out themselves.)
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    I think the potential it could offer to increase another fun aspect would be high. Like money, this would give players something really to work for to earn.
    The admin of the server has full discretion to make it hard, easy or somewhere in between on how to earn the extra time.
    It could help limit guests to the amount of time they can stay on your server so that your trusted players get full bandwidth/resource usage.
    Add's to any economy since it could be made a buyable resource.

    Can seem unattractive at first glance
    If not executed correctly, it will make playtime on the map not fun
    Additional reasons for those that run servers that have huge donation options to just add one more tick of crap to get when you donate (I hate servers that ask for donations with 10million VIP levels....so this is a biased view)
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    So basically you are after a subscription based access server plugin that is paid to use ?, Could be usefull but MySQL and PayPal combined with forums of choice already offer this.
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    Well this could be very interesting combined with multiworld. A "bonus" area filled with maybe higher quantities of minerals or maybe a pvp battleground. Could be used in fun and interesting ways. I personally wouldn't link it to real world money but I could see this used as a donation incentive. Heck you could even take up an eve approach to it and allow the in-game currency to purchase more time enabling active players to play for free and giving more value to the economy. Or possibly use an energy system where players generate up to 100 max energy per day to use (idk maybe for actions, link it so that a button subtracts energy while taking the player to a dungeon) and they could use currency (in game or not) to buy more.
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    No, that's not my personal intention. I would never host a server asking for a subscription/donations to gain more access.

    I was merely trying to point out that it could be used for that if one desires.

    My invision is like that of LORD. But in LORD(Legend of the Red Dragon) it was turn based. You only had X amount of forest visits. The higher the level, the more visits, AKA Time spent playing. The fact that I could only play the game for 30 minutes or less a day made me want to play it more and more, and made the anticipation to play that much higher. I think that a plugin limiting a players time in minecraft could do the same thing, if executed correctly.
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    So you want to turn it into a free to play WoW :p but yea I get what you mean. You just want time spent playing to be valuable so that more time they put in the more they get out of it.

    I setup my ranks based on time played and iconomy so they need to work for the rank to reap its rewards but your idea makes sense tho I swear somthing is doing this already I just cant put the word of it into my head.
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