[REQ] Player Ingame-Name Changer

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    Plugin category: Mechanics/Fun

    Suggested name: Ingame Name Changer

    What I want: I'm looking for a plugin which changes the Ingame Player name [The Username, Skin, Playerlistname ....] All Plugins which could do this are out of date or run with spout....
    Here are some Plugins which are outof date but work the way I'd like it:

    Ideas for commands: /changename [playername] [playername] = Changes the ingameplayername [name, skin,listname...] from the choosen player [Box1] into the second choosen playername [Box2]

    Ideas for permissions: Only ops should be able to use it

    When I'd like it: As soon as possible :D
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    try DisguiseCraft.
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    I'm thinking there are litterally hundreds of these. Try looking up change name or nickname
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    I remember MobDisguise had this feature a while back.
    Edit: Don't know if they still have
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    I use disguisecraft on my servers. Just do /d p (player name) to disguise as a different player. EX: /d p iminecraft253 <- this would make you disguise as me with my name showing above you and you would have my skin.

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