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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Don't know :p

    What I want: I want some stuff for my donators, Like smoke particles, fire particles, snow trails, ender particles, heart trails (the hearts that come off mobs when you breed them).

    What I want: HeartParticles, SmokeParticles, FireParticles, SnowTrail, EndParticles and any other particle effects there is in minecraft like the smoke and fire ones.

    Ideas for commands: maybe like /pleff (playereffects) and then the effect you want. like /pleff smoke

    Ideas for permissions: 1 permission for each particle! like pleff.heart for /pleff heart

    When I'd like it by: any time.
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    Another plugin that does this is called CrazyFeet.
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    My plugin that was linked up there does this but it is quite indisposed right now it may or may not work as the comments will show but I'm working on a version that will hopefully be error free for everyone. :D

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