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Which would you prefer?

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  1. Planes

  2. Boats

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    I know that there are already many requests like this but I have a different idea.
    As I have heard from many of the persons in the forums you cant add new blocks. So I was thinking to just mod the boat or minecart to become the plane. Since many people probably wont care to trade boats for planes.
    I mean, come on. Planes > Boats by a long shot.

    Anyways if anyone is up for the challenge to create this plugin be my guest.
    I would really love to see it some time in the future. :p
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    WHAT?! You can't add new blocks anymore?! That's complete BULLSHIT!!! B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T THAT RIGHT! I can spell! I went to school! I learned the alphabet! It took me 12 years but I finally did it! What now?!?! PWNED!! I IZZZ ANGRRYYYYYYY. sssSSSSS BOOOOOOM!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I WIN! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I IZ ANGERED! :mad:

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