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    I had the idea for a basic, lightweight pickpocket plugin.
    - Shift+Right click to steal valuables from the target's inventory (Ores, potions, tools etc)
    - A configurable skill system that determines the success of a pickpocket. (Percentage of success)
    - Configurable messages for thief and target:
    Thief: "You have successfully stolen from [PLAYERNAME]" = Success
    Thief: "Your hand slips, and you lose grip of the items." = Failure without alarm message for target
    Thief: "Your hand slips, and you alert [PLAYERNAME]" = Failure with alarm message for target

    On Thief alarm:
    Target: "You feel something fumbling around in your pocket..."

    - Config for use of currency or items
    - Min/max steal amount (Configurable for each valuable)
    - Pick pocket cooldown

    I have been looking around today for something like this and I could only find 2 plugins.
    One required you have a configured item in your hand and you attack the player to steal from him (Too obvious for sneaky thieves)
    And the other was only for currency plugins (I was looking for something that uses items)

    If anyone could make this it would be awesome.
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    It's a shame I wrote this as a private plugin for another server... Will ask if I can release it.
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    Please do, it would be a great help!

    Or, if you were able to write a specific plugin like this for our server, I MIGHT be able to pay you for it.
    Depends on my money circumstances.

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