[REQ] People Can't Use Diamond OR Scurvy

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by HuntMASTER15, Jul 28, 2011.

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    So since the Pirates plugin was not fulfilled, I decided to take seperate mods and use them to make the Pirate class but we still need a drawback. So can someone make a plugin that will make a certain group with permissions mine slower with only tools under diamond? If not that, please make one so that they must eat a certain amount of apples per day (probably about 4-5) in order to not start losing health from Scurvy. Thanks!

    Come on someone? This is pretty basic. Doesn't seem to hard to make someone mine slower.

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    One of my pet peeves is when people say "This shouldn't be hard to make / This shouldn't take long / It is easy" when they do not know how to code. This also gets on the nerves of most coders that I know. Just throwing that out there.

    EDIT: See below.

    Slowing down someone's mining actions and animations sounds like a mod outside of the ranges of Bukkit. You could, however, hamper mining by getting every third or so block and cancelling the action of it breaking.
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    I agree. There's no way to directly change the time it takes to break a block with Bukkit. You could, however, indirectly shorten the amount of time it takes by setting the block to air early.
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    First off, there is no need to go off on me for asking for a plugin. Honestly I can understand why it may tick you off but there is no need for you to chew me out. Learn some respect for other people.

    What if a plugin was make to make it so that a certain race is limited to iron and under tools? That would probably work out just as nicely.

    One of MY pet peeves is when people shoot me down just for asking for help. Thanks a ton.
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    Well if it looked like I was getting on you, I apologize. I meant to give constructive criticism, but it obviously didn't turn out that way. I was trying to help by notifying you that some coders will not even look at helping someone if they say that something is easy.

    Again, I apologize. Best of luck with your server.
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    Thanks :D You too.
  7. He's right though, the idea that 'something shouldn't be too hard to code' is based largely on a lack of knowledge of coding. Amusingly, something I learned since learning to code.. Sometimes the things you'd think would be the easiest? Are the hardest, and the one's you think would be the hardest? Is trivial.

    Example: Changing the length of time and day in a way that doesn't create some kind of visual anomaly (like the sun jerking backwards, or cycling through the sky multiple times), or by creating some other unexpected error, is dang near impossible.

    I found a really cool plug-in that changed how quickly the sun and moon crossed the sky without any visual problems. But something in the way he did it made it so that gravel, sand, water, lava, fire, and diodes stopped functioning properly all because of an unexpected way they related to world time.
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    How often would you want each player to take damage after not eating apples? And how much per "tick"?

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