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    Plugin category: Fun/Mechanical

    Suggested name: Path, buildwalk.

    A bit about me: I've run a server for over a year. The old PATH plugin is outdated. I have requested to take on the project. but so far the author hasnt wanted to share his code. I have no idea how to code anything so for me to make the plugin myself, would be a few month process. I know it would pay off in the future but I need a base code to look at and learn from.

    What I want: I want to be able to pick a block type. Pick a radius of path I want. which would be a true circle, There is an old path plugin. Which is exactly what I want. But I feel an update is going to be slow as 1.2.5 comes out tomorrow.
    Im willing to pay 20$ for this. If I am way off on my price. let me know. and I may consider another offer.

    Ideas for commands: /blocktype /radius /path /buildroad /buildsidewalk

    Ideas for permissions: Op only.

    When I'd like it by: Anytime. Ive been waiting for an update for well over 2 months so. waiting longer is obviously fine.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @EdFake

    Thank you.
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    Lazy roads doesnt do a path like the other path plugin. I should have maybe specified more information. I need to edit it. as I will do as soon as I post this. but I need to be able to pick a material. and a radius. Lazy roads is an amazing program and I do use it. but It does NOT do curved roads at all. even with straight mode off. its horrible at doing so. even with a custom road i built. with the designer. I love that plugin.

    I appreciate the link. I do use this already :)
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    Its so hard to imagine no one else has a plugin like this. I cant learn this stuff.
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    you can build you own road design with lazyroad you just need the lazyroad designer and i believe they even have one in game now
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    As I stated before. Lazy roads is a great plugin but it does NOT do curved paths. if you know of a way let me know.
    straight enabled or disabled. I made a 1 block road in the designer trying to make it so it would be a rounded path.
    and I cannot achieve such things with that plugin.

    Ok I have figured out a way to do curved paths finally. they never worked but they are now. its not as nice as path mod. but I'll take it.

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