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    I dont know if anyone has played runescape.
    But in runescape, you have several locations where u can put stuff in a chest, and it will come out of the ceiling in the form of a balloon.
    People are gonna smash those and a random item out of the chest, will come out of the balloon

    Maybe if we could make this?
    Like: 1. Set region where the balloons appear out of the ceiling
    2. Select chest
    3. How long it takes to drop the balloons.

    Please reply :D
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    Couldn't you technically do this using a dispenser?
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    Balloons don't exist...
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    Right, but to get the desired effect, one could use a dispenser
  5. maybe you can make ballons? ballons shaped like boxes?
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    Unfortunately we can not yet make our own blocks.

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