[REQ] OutOfMemory Restart - Restarts the server when the error OutOfMemory happens.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Powerhalo, Apr 24, 2012.

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    1. Plugin category: Fixes

      Suggested name: OutofMemory Restart
      What I want: I would like a plugin that restarts the server when the famous OutOfMemory error happens, if it is not possible to make a plugin to do that, could you make a program or something please :)

      Ideas for commands:/ram - Will check how much ram the server is using

      Ideas for permissions: outofmemory.ram - Permission to do the /ram command
      Similar plugin requests:None​
      Thanks, Powerhalo​
      Server below if my server... PC Hosted​
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    I don't personally think this is that possible because a plugin uses Java and it uses Craftbukkit, and Craftbukkit (therefore java) crashes/freezes.
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    Put -server and -Xincgc in your java startup line. That might help (It helped on mine anyway)
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    I'm using McMyadmin with restart-on-SEVERE: true... McMyAdmin isn't java though, so still don't think this is possible with a plugin.
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    This could be done with a plugin.

    1. Have the plugin output source to a program to disk and auto-compile it.
    2. Start that program.
    3. That program will, of course start the minecraft server when it stops.
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    Some plugins for 1.2.3 work for 1.2.5, however since minecraft has been updating frequently i highly doubt it.
    However, 1.2.4 plugins is compatible for 1.2.5, just double check with the Dev's to make shure.
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    Well I just put it and im waiting to see if it restarts when the server is having the OutofMemory error
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    No does not work, any suggestions?
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