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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by fullwall, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Custom Text while eating food. Like Nom Nom Nom when you eat a cookie. :) make it has configurable text and configurable range.
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    remote control (RC) Wolf!
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    whatabout cars/planes that uses movecraft but runs smooth?
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    I have an impossible but very useful plugin suggestion for ya. Limiting item creation via crafting table/furnace by item, with a config file like:
    - Group1
    - Group2
    - Group1
    - Group2
    - Group1
    - Group2

    This would be very useful for RP servers that have classes with limitations.
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    BUilt in questers !!!!!!!!!!!
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    fullwall quit
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    A plugin that restricts item use (e.g Workbench/pickaxe) for a group in Permissions
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    Minecraft ToS states you're not allowed to distribute anything made by Notch. TL;DR unless you rewrite Minecraft in its entirety, you'll be breaking the ToS; which you agreed to on purchasing the game. Furthermore if you did rewrite it, you'd still be infringing on Notch's IP. Bukkit was exempted from the non distro rules via talks with Mojang, if memory serves.

    Anyhow, to stay on topic

    I'm trying to make an ice city and well... Lighting is a pain.

    Also it would be nice to be able to right click a lightstone block and set the light intensity and radius of light that it produces. Hell this could be extended to a redstone linked sign for a dimmer of some sorts.
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    A simple lot protection plugin that only lets Admins create plots.

    Players can buy the Admin spcified lot through /lot buy. It can be free or iConomy currency. Players can add guests to the land for the guests to build with /lot guest (name). Pointing at a piece of land while typing /lot info will show it block's info, either it is part of a lot, the owner of the plot, the price of the lot, it's status (bought or not) and the guests of the block.

    Players can sell their lots back to the server with /lot sell, and the sold area will be locked from any player from building. The amount of lots a player can obtain is configurable, flatfile please,.
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    Herobrine plugin? Wasn't some sort of humanentity added or something?
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    Thats something i have been looking for and have not yet been successful. I have tried using residence, icoland, etc with abundant failure! Please help SOMEONE!!!!!!!! I don't even mind testing and configuration of such as i could be useful. Please let me know if there is something in development or has been! thanks!
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    setting no gravity in a certain area. sorta like zombes flymod, but on all the time in a certain area defined by world edit or a built in region selection

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