[REQ] NoInstantLogin or NoLoginFlood

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    Plugin category: Anti-Griefing Tools, Chat Related, Fixes, Security

    Suggested name: NoInstantLogin, NoLoginFlood, LFloodBlock, LFBlock, NoLF

    A bit about me: I'm 17 years old and german is my default language. First I tried to make this plugin by my self but I failed at it. So I'm searching for a nice dev that could make this possible...

    Waht I want: The plugin should limit all login per second. Should be like: Only 5 players can join in 3 sek then the other ones have to wait for for a cooldown or something. Could also be full configurable. Why is this usefull? Atm there are much hack clients that uses that to take a server down with flooding logins, after a time bukkit freezes and the owner has to restart...
    Hope you get it :) The idea is it should just stop instant logins (from SpamBots or what ever). So that stops the bots from taking server down with spamming login/logout messages.

    Ideas for commands: maybe /NF reload - to reload the config or something but none should be fine too.

    Ideas for permissions: None

    When I'd like it by: soon? idk xD, its more like a "optimal protection" plugin

    Similar plugin requests: Couldnt find any, poke me if you do.

    What I can do: I could do the TicketManager also make a small logo for it. NP, I just cant code it, because im a bleeding java coder.

    Fell free to poke me

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    I'll try to make this, but I'm not sure whether this wil work, because if hackers spawm logins the server still has to handle the login tries... But I'll try
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    oh ok :)
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    Thx sd5 for your interest on this, looks like the new NoCheat+ can do that too:
    - Fixed the SpamJoin check
    - Fixed the issue with the AutoSign check and empty content
    - Updated dependency

    I'm gonna test it soon :)

    and also thx @confuzzled didn't know that Grief Prevention has that inbuilt, nice :)

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