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    Hi folks,
    I just got a bright moment and wanted to post it here: languages!

    Plugin category: CHAT/FUN/RPG

    Suggested name: Multi-lingua

    What I want: The idea is pretty much that you have different languages in your server, but let me explain: it isn't like real world languages. It's like (, based on your faction for example (hint),) that if you create a faction, a message will come up where you can chose if you want to speak a 'faction language'.

    If you chose so, your way of speech will be changed (to other players that are not in your faction). So when you type "Hi, how are you", other players will read "Esbahgeqiblakyn". An if you add a prefix, you will speak in the 'global' language (so just normal english).

    Also for not spamming the chatbar full with unreadable crap, but not making this plugin useless by adding channels, is to make a chat radius. So if you are to far away, you won't 'hear' people anymore.

    And it would be awesome that if the further you get, the more unreadable it will become (also for same-language speaking people) by replacing "Hi, how r you?" and "Hf, dif t uyf" by respectivly "Hi, .ow . ..u" and "Hf, .if . ..f". And if you want everyone to hear it, you can yell, but that will make you dizzy and drop your hunger bar.

    Ideas for commands:
    /ownlanguage <true/false> (only on faction creation)
    /createlanguage <name> create custom language (without in faction)*
    /invitelanguage <player> invite player to custom language*
    /unjoinlanguage unjoin a custom language

    *=Permission languages.custom required

    Ideas for permissions:
    languages.canreadall players can read all languages
    languages.custom player can create custom language and invite people to it

    When I'd like it by: February 2013 if possible. But I mean, come on, 1.5 months. That should be possible (I guess)
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    How do you misspell February >.>
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    Yeah, everyone knows it's spelt: Febuarrxy
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    Oh :p My bad...
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    Stupid grammar nazis. I was being serious... Can somebody make this?
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    No one...?

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    I maybe interested in doing this...
    1. when you say 'faction' are you using a factions plugin that this should tie in with or should it be independent? If independent then how do you create a faction?
    2. when you say 'create custom language' how will it be customised?
    3. when you say 'if you add a prefix' do you mean something like: [en] Hi, how are you? to force it to display as English to non-faction members?
    Maybe you can flesh out the idea some more, so I don't have to make it up as I go along...
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    1. No, I meant the Factions plugin! ;)
    2. To the people who speak that particular language (members of the faction), nothing changes in the way of speak (except if they are to far, read: chatradius). But people who don't speak that language, the letters will be changed to randomized characters.
    3. Exactly!

    Furthermore, I don't know actually how to flesh it out, this is pretty much what I want. Also, I don't really know what 'flesh it out' means :p
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    Hey it's nearly Christmas, busy time of year :)

    Will do a bit of research into this over the holidays, and see what can be done. I've never hooked into Factions before so will need to explore how to do that...
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    If a player hasn't joined a faction yet, what do they see?

    Made a start, give it a whirl:

    Haven't implemented 'yelling' yet...

    1. plain_text_key: '<put text here>' - sets the prefix to make speech normal i.e. if '<put text here>' = '@' when you type "[@] " before your message it will not scramble the text - note that there is a space after the last square bracket!
    2. yell_key: '<put text here>' - sets the prefix to make you yell your message so that players can hear it beyond the chat_deaf_after distance (see 5)
    3. use_chat_radius: <true|false> - whether to make the chat message break up over distance
    4. chat_degrade_after: <distance> - the distance (in blocks) after which chat starts breaking up i.e. players within <distance> can hear normally, players outside <distance> start to lose bits, the further away you are the more bits you lose
    5. chat_deaf_after: <distance> - the distance (in blocks) after which players are deaf, eventually if you put '[yell_key] ' after your message deafness will be ignored

    Added yelling... the default is to end your chat message with " [!]" - note the space again...


    More config options to go with it, delete the old config (if you have one) before installing this:
    1. dizzy_after_yell: <true|false> - whether to make the yelling player dizzy (confusion effect) and reduce their hunger bar
    2. dizzy_ticks: [amount] - how long the dizzy effect lasts
    3. dizzy_hunger: [amount] - how much hunger to remove

    Will add some commands to set config options tomorrow

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    Bug: after starting the server, the config.yml file will be created, but it will stay plain empty. I will add the config stuff myself and see what happens. Furthermore: great that you made it. I'm really glad!

    More bugs:
    • When I'm not in a faction, 'hi' becomes '[$' to myself and other players (so when I speak the default language)
    • When player 1 types 'hi', player 1 will read ' <player 1> hi', but player 2 will read ' <player 2> hi'
    • The command screen (where the server runs) stays plain empty (so chatting isn't logged anymore), altough it gave me an ASyncPlayerChat error
    • The plugin doesn't generate random characters, but 'h' is for example '[', so it's still possible to figure out what someone says
    • When I reloaded the plugin, it wiped out my config file
    • When I created a faction, it didn't ask if I wanted to use a faction language, but it just made me speak one
    I hope you can fix it ASAP, 'cuz I am excited right now! :D
    And I wish you a merry christmas already (only 1 day too early ;))

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    Seems to be working ok for me...
    That's why I asked "If a player hasn't joined a faction yet, what do they see?" earlier. Have changed this and players without a faction now just chat normally.

    These should be fixed now​

    The plugin just uses a simple rotating cipher, which is then shuffled, it now shuffles it for every chat message​
    Because your config file was initially empty, and don't use reload... use stop and then edit config... I have added the admin commands, so you can now ​
    type: /ml <config option> <value> e.g. /ml use_chat_radius true
    It should now ask after you have run the command /f create to then run /ml add

    You can also stop using a language by typing: /ml remove

    Made DevBukkit page, please post comments there :)

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