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    Plugin category: Fun, Informatial

    Suggested name: Motd Image

    About the plugin: When a player does the login/register then an real image shows up and when the player starts walking the image automatically goes away.
    On that image could be the server logo and some quick news.. or whatever every server owner would like to have it in there. The image size could be re-sizable and in *.png format with a transperant background.
    I guess, that this plugin have that feature, but unfortunately that plugin is dead and won't get updated (not working on the latest CB builds).

    Ideas for commands: Maybe only 1 command could be useful in here, to be able see the image anytime, like, /motd img

    Ideas for permissions: I don't think there is a need for the permission, maybe only the bypass permission to ignore that image.
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    Not possible.
    Read the [READ ME] first.
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    what about ascii image creator or somthing like that?
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    not possible as Woobie said, but it may be with Spout.
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    This is possible using Spout. If you don't want to use spout then your out of luck.
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    ASCII should also work fine as long as it uses legal characters that work in MC. If you do that in ASCII then everything should be work fine without spout, you could do that actually with every motd plugin that is out here, just the cleaning part is a bit rare but it should be possible.

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