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    Plugin category: CUSTOM

    Suggested name: MMO Spells

    What I want: Is What I Would Like is Kindof like if you bundled Ocemanabar,magicspells,and a UI plugin i havent found any quite right.
    I would like is difrent spells with difrent efects and costs but i would like to have mana as a recsouse of the cost but make it like you can only learn like 9 of the X amount of spells and also include a UI Simular to wow.

    Ideas for commands: A Command to Turn On/off the UI

    Ideas for permissions: Node for Turning on/off the UI and a node for Using spells
    and a node for Leearning spells
    When I'd like it by: Whenever

    I am Ok Using it in a dev build with a few bugs

    I attached a Photo for a UI Idea[​IMG][​IMG]
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    You cannot add a UI into Minecraft using bukkit. You would need Spoutcraft for this.
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    Yea, this would be a cool and big spout project, but not currently possible in Bukkit.
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    I Have Spout, Spoutcraft and Vault So what ever way it is possible PLZ
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    There are not very many Spout developers here, so I would recommend PMing one of them.
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    Go to the spout forums and request there :)

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