[REQ] Lots of ideas for spout plugins!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Tesseracto, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Since the post i made yesterday, i've got some more ideas.
    With spout, so many things are possible, so i got some request for you.

    Shop GUI (by Me)
    Read the thread here!

    SpoutHelp (by Me)
    On my server right now i use Help and AutoHelp, and that works just fine.
    But i would appreciate if you could get a GUI with a list, click on the plugin, and get a scrollable list of commands.

    SpoutChest (by Me)
    Work very much like LWC, but without the commands (can also just be made as a plugin or alias for LWC).
    You open the chest, and in the corner there's a button to lock the chest, you click it and a gui opens where you can choose between private or password chest, if you check private it will close and the lock option will be gone, replaced with unlock option and a invite button will be added, click it and you can input your friends name(s), and they will be able to open the chest.
    If you choose password protected, you will get a popup asking you to input a password, then it closes and you will be back the chest screen, but there's only one button, the unlock button.

    SpoutChat (by iBstoneyDave)
    Scrollable chat box.

    SpoutVoice (by Me)

    I know it isn't possible yet (right?), because Spout can't stream sounds, unless they are already downloaded, but i would like if someone could implement something that's work a bit like Steam, where you press down a key, and it's broadcasted to the server.
    I don't wanna ask everyone on the server to download Skype if I wanna talk with them.
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    SpoutChest sounds awesome. I've GOTTA check out Spout's API at some point.
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    Daniel Heppner

    If he doesn't want to do SpoutChest then I might.
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    So if now one of you do this, how long time will it take to finish, i've never developed a Bukkit plugin, but what i know i guess it doesn't take more than a year, as bukkit only existed since January (correct me if i'm wrong), one month maybe?
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    the length of time to spend on a plugin depends on the plugin itself, i have been working on RealFluids (and now FluidFlow) since February, though other plugins like DeadlyBorders take maybe 10-12 hrs (code/test time). Keep in mind testing takes a lot of that time, programming is sometimes quite small
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    Could I add to your suggestions a scrollable chat box/motd plugin? Nice rundown on the spout chest btw. Very clever, maybe it sould have an optional command api for people who join a spout server without the client.
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    I added to the list, maybe this will be like some collaboration of ideas, instead of the Aether Collaboration, the SpoutCollab?

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    Added a new idea and a link to my other thread.

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