[REQ] LittleMaid Mod for MultiPlayer [FORMATTED]

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    Hello everybody, asking my last plugin request!

    Plugin category: Miscellanous

    Suggested name: LittleMaid for Bukkit

    A bit about me: I'm a server host for a Touhou-Project community, and I would like to develop this server to enjoy a full experience of Gensokyo.

    What I want: I used to have "LittleMaid" mod for Singleplayer, it's a great and nice mod where you can add little maids spawning all around the map. I would like to make it available for multiplayer usage. Of course, LittleMaid mods will be necessary for client-side.
    If not possible, it will be a totally NPC system where custom skins will be available and where NPC can make some work for you, like killing mobs, cooking, healing, and etc...

    I'm making this request because it would be fun, and because Citizens and NPCx are not working at all on my server.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions required.

    Willing to pay up to: $0 - but your plugin will make a great success if you can do that, as I heard that LittleMaid in multiplayer is often requested.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: Maybe the devs who made NPC plugins, like NPCx or Citizens?

    Anything else?: NO SPOUT SUPPORT, If you need Spout to make this plugin, abort immediately and/or tell me if it's impossible without Spout.

    I saw it can be possible to do this by ItemCraft, could you confirm me? Thanks.
    Thank you very much, ask me if you need more informations.
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    I'm not a plugin maker, but I don't think you can turn Minecraft Mods into Bukkit Plugins. I believe that if you want to have them on your server everyone else in your server has to get the same mod. I haven't confirmed any of this though..
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    Phantom Index

    Possible with Spout
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    *points at own name*

    Hi. I think we share similar interests.
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    That's not a problem, I'll say that players will need this mod.

    I don't want at all any Spout support.

    Welcome in Touhou-Project family =D I'm your sister (Flandre Scarlet)...

    *hugs Remilia Onee~Sama*
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    Phantom Index

    Then buy a minecraft name Maid and make a PC plugin that uses that name and acts like a maid.
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    I have anything else do to and money to waste in something more interesting, you should see what is LittleMaid before continuing post...
    Citizens should be great for it... but it don't work at all on my server, and requires Spout for skin character change.
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    Phantom Index

    You really don't understand how this works do you?
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    Nope! :D
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    *hugs back*
    Flan~ Now who let you out of the basement this time? :p

    Though seriously, do you know why citizens doesn't work? Is it a plugin compatibility issue? Maybe I can help you out, if you so wish.
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    I really don't know, it looks like really complicated, and it isn't working on my server.
    What to do if only possible with Spout?

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