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    Plugin category: MECH/FUN

    Suggested name: LemmeSleep

    What I want: A plugin that takes the functionality of a few outdated plugins, and merge it in one, new and better plugin:

    1) The more you mine/walk/run/etc, the more 'tired' you get, and you have to get some sleep. If you get too tired, you'll get dizzy, and you'll get hungry.
    2) You from level x of tireness, you can sleep(, ignoring the current time.)
    3) If you sleep in the evening (so between 18:00-06:00), the more players sleep, out of the current number of players online, who are above heightlevel x (so that miners will be ignored), the faster the time will be speeded up.
    4) When you sleep, your health will improve and your tireness will decrease (this has the speeded up time incalculated)

    Ideas for commands:
    /refresh <player> <level>
    <player>'s level of tireness will be reset to <level>

    Ideas for permissions: lemmesleep.override Can execute above command, default to OP

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    Anyone? Noone?

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