[REQ] Legitimate Chainmail Recipe

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by microskies, Jul 26, 2011.

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    I was wondring if anyone would be able to make it so an item which is currently not used for any other armour (not to common either, it doesn't make sense but I was thinking sulphur) could be used to make Chain armour. I am completely unsure whether this has been done before (I did look for a bit), AND unsure whether it is possible with a Bukkit Plugin. I assumed it would be alright for serverside, as all the textures and items are there and everything, But I don't know whether actual recipes could be done serverside?
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    I'll look into this for you, I would suggest using flint but that's a little more common then sulphur, anyways I'll let you know what I can come up with
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    I think you could achieve this via CustomCrafting or Cookbook[Inactive]
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    @Perdog Actually, flint would be a better idea, for the durability of Chain armour, unless it is possible to change the durability of it as well?

    @Quezax Thanks! I will have a look at it, whether I use it or not will be depending on how heavy it is on memory :D

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