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    Alright, first off, please excuse the title as It was hard to think of a name to call this.

    But this is a simple request, I would like it if someone could make a plugin allowing users to join a group by themselves. When they joined that group they would be unable to join another group, to prevent rapid switching of groups. This plugin would allow for users to easily join classes in an RPG setting, as I plan to implement it in that way myself.

    How it would work:

    An admin would first make groups in permissions, Archer, Swordsman, Defender, and Druid for example if you wanted to make an RPG styled server.

    Then he would put a layout on a sign for each group, similar to something like this:
    |.......{Groupname}.....| <-----Incased in {}'s for no confusion or interference with actual
    |............{Cost}.............| sign placement. (The .....'s are for the format of the sign to
    |...................................| stay with the page format.

    The player would right click the sign and be added to the group. Simple as that.

    *I know there already is a plugin called command signs, however there is no plugin that features this to be put on the sign.

    The biggest features of this would have to be iConomy and the ability to not join a group after joining a group, to prevent rapid switching.

    Reference links: iConomy(Instructions on the page on how to hook into it) + Permissions

    Good luck to anyone who takes on the project, I feel it would help RPG servers that have classes quite a bit. If no one decides to take on the project, thanks for reading anyways...
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    I would love to see something like this also!
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    Awesome! I've wanted this for so long. Either a 1(rl) day cooldown or money to switch classes. wiping out mcmmo and levelcraft levels when switching classes would be awesome too, though I doubt one guy could keep this up to date with mcmmo and lvlcraft api changing.

    Btw, name? Simple - GroupSigns
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    So far I have done the payment handling with iConomy, sign layout + messages and Permissions support.

    There is no way to set a group yet so I need to wait for that.
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    Could you also add it so you gain permission nodes from a sign instead of a whole new group?
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    Could look into that once 3.0 of Permissions is released!
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    Oh sweet! Thanks for replying :D
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    Anyone still after this as the thread seems to have died... I'm already working on something very similar although using commands instead of signs. If you still want it I'll give you the link when its released
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