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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by gamalamin1, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Plugin category: Security/Protection/No Cheat/Anti Hacks

    Suggested name: BansWithBenefits

    What I want: A Plugin Where You Can Blacklist A Country/Province/Town/Street Address/IPv4 Address

    Ideas for commands: /Blacklist Town: (Town) Province: (Province) Country: (Country)
    /ipv4 Ban {Player}

    Ideas for permissions: BansWithBenefits.Blacklist.*

    When I'd like it by: Now! There is a dangerous hacker that is threatening my server and ruining everybody's fun!

    P.S. : The hacker is from Leeds, UK which is a town of roughly 2.3 million people
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    Lol? So you want to ban the whole United Kingdom?
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    NO! Half of minecraft is from UK!
    I just want to ban people from Leeds,UK where the hacker is from :(
    These poor people :(
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    People sat they can hack but really it would take them months a serious team to take down a server I would Just ban there ip
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    A plugin please..... lol
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    Ban hammer
    Simple bans
    and just search for
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    a plugin please..... lol
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    drtshock Retired Staff

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    Please explain thoroughly
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    I know you want a a plugin, but who in their right mind would use this? Banning Leeds because of one player wtf. If you don't want them to grief, make it non griefable through different plugins, not mass banning players

    Thumbs down to this idea.
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    I just found out a smart way to trick the hacker! I only allow opping/deopping people from the console and I give people with high ranks Op status while making their real rank have no commands :) *genius*
    P.S.: The hacker can ddos and change his ip so I can't ban him!
    He can also hijack the console, is there a plugin that only allows my ip access to the console?
    And how to stop ddos?
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    Have you thought about just NOT oping anyone?

    Just make it so that your server is not griefable, then leave him to it.

    are running a server from your home?
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    Yeah, Its home run
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    I would suggest you bring this issue up on another section of the forums, as I do not wish to spam, but:

    He has your IP, so change it, call your Internet company, they may do it for free, it depends.
    But the plugin idea is silly, and would be a lot of work. Just talk to him.
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    sue him
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    Just tell me a plugin thats updated to 1.4.6/1.4.7! :mad:
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    Your request is pretty crazy. You'd have to get every single IP from a certain place and ban it. That would probably take some time to make.
  19. Technically, you can't. Unless he touches a computer file. I ran into the law by deleting a server world of a friends server, technically because it was not his "server" or "computer" it meant nothing to me, and it was an accident. Lol good times.
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    Actually guys, forget it, hacking is illegal and punishable by law! He can't do anything to me/my server because he/she will get arrested and put in prison. I hope he/she cares :(.
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    Even if you do ban all of Leeds he could use a proxy from somewhere else.
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    Seems to be a lack of IP block allocation knowledge in this thread. You can't block Leeds just by blocking an IP address because they are not allocated by geographical area. IANA allocates IP blocks to each continent's Regional Internet Registry (ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, LACNIC, AfriNIC), and they in turn allocates smaller blocks to ISPs. You would have to block all of the ISP's clients on that block to be able to block the hacker.

    rguz10 is also correct, he could bypass any block with a proxy. Your best bet would to just keep blocking him until he gets bored.
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    Mate, if you try to ban the UK, it won't work as he can just use a proxy.
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    I dont want to ban the UK, and I hate proxies :(
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    Since you know where he is, try to figure out his ISP, then report him. They will cancel his service :)
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    Just because you hate them doesn't make them not work lol - honestly if he can "hack" your console then you have zero security and not enough knowledge to run a server on your own.
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    GeoIP lookups are fairly accurate these days; you could theoretically do a lookup on each IP that joins and ban them if they are within a certain region. That said, a proxy invalidates the whole method.
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    if hes a hacker.....

    the ip that u hav or whatever info is probably wrong...
    if not dont worry hes not legit hes a lil kid who thinks hacking is using nodus
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    The player is most likely just a script kiddie. If you keep banning him, he'll eventually get sick of playing.

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