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    Suggested name: Hunger Games

    A bit about me: I'm a plugin dev and all around java and c# coder, who is incredibly surprised that this has not been made. I would make it, but Im busy right now... besides, someone could probably do it better than me.

    What I want: If you have not read "Hunger Games", well, you might get confused. But, this is what I propose: An very large arena, maybe 100-500 blocks, enclosed with adminium walls, maybe. Or just something like a WorldBorder border. You place a fair amount of players in it, and say "fight". Note: The arena is big enough to have this last several minecraft days, so its not just a quick little battle. The contents of the arena would be natural, or could be terraformed by VoxelSniper or something, not this plugin. If you die, you are out. Last one surviving "wins", maybe gets some diamonds or something.

    Ideas for commands:
    /makearena, which creates the adminium walls and sets up teleporting positions and regions.
    /startgames <player> <player>... teleports everyone specified into the arena and clears their inventory

    Ideas for permissions: No idea, whatever the dev feels like/thinks up.

    When I'd like it by: N/A, this is just something that I would use IF it were already made.

    Similar plugin requests: None.
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    I was actually thinking about this! Would be awesome :)
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    I've created this plugin and we use it on SacredLabyrinth.net
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    Have you posted it to devbukkit? If not, please do.
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    This... Would be epic...
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    It would be. I read the book too and actually though about making it 2. But after starting it turned our to be allmost too huge for one person, so i stopped :(.

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