[REQ,help]How to split server.log file? It's almost impossible to open 80MB txt file.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by oglop, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Hello I have problem with server.log file, when I get some auto repeating error it will spam my server.log to xxMBs and then its almost impossible to open it bcz it soo slow and so huge file.

    Is there any way (plugin) how to split log into sigle files, smthing like 1 file for 1 hour
    or limit size of 1 file and when 1.file will have xxSize it will start new file?

    I thnik it should be implemented into craftbukkit by default.
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    hmm... I don't want to waste time with downloading xx MBs (later GBs) of text file ...
    btw I have linux server ... using putty

    but thanks for advice
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    I see. Okay, well the sysadmin of a server I play on is currently experiencing the same problem, and I believe he's developing an "auto-clearer" for clearing out the server.log. Every time it reaches 1GB or something it skims off the older half.
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    hmm sounds interesting :)

    my experiences with logs says taht one of best way is to store 1 file per 1 hour
    or file has size limit I think 500kB - 2MB at max :)
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    Simply rename or delete server.log when you restart the server for maintenance. Or start your server with a shell script that first renames/gzips/whatever the old server.log, then deletes server.log, and then starts the server. Then you always have a fresh log on restart.
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    why on restart? are you restarting your server every 5 minutes? :D:D

    but thanks.
    I got and idea based on your post, I'll try to do it, then post results
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