[REQ]Hello, in need of a protection plugin! will pay $$

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by David0501, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Plugin catagorey:protection

    Suggested Name:idc really lol maybe ElementalProtection

    A bit about me: i own elementcraft and im in need of a plugin dev/this plugin to be made

    What I want: Well Im in need of a plugin, that protects a certain amount of land and i'm looking for it to be something like this, you place a block (preferably a more un-used block like a redstone block) and it protects 20x20x20x2o basically 20 blocks in all directions, or one "chunk" doesn't really matter. Im willing to pay, so please reply or msg me at www.elementcraft.com <----- my minecraft server, also my skype is david0501_lc. and my email is [email protected], idc where you contact me

    Im willing to pay: between 10-50 dollars depending on how and when it can be completed also other factors

    also if someone can make a plugin which maybe can be something like /xban and it 100% deletes every thing theyve ever made! but thats second prioty
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    i know the world guard plugin. i meant so they can protect them selves, thought it was pretty clear
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    I am planning to write such type of plugin, but without blocks and it will take some time... I don't know how much.
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    what i need is a block users can place to protect there area by them selves
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    PreciousStones does that! :)
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    Atomic Fusion

    You can protect yourself with WorldGuard. There is a region claim command. You can configure the maximum size that they can claim and how many regions that they can claim. They can also add other users to their land, so that they can build together.
    All of these factors would seem to make it more flexible than what you are requesting, although I do see the value in what you are requesting, it would just need to be expanded upon.

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