[REQ/FUN] Avenger - Befriend mobs and know who kills them

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    I don't know how to start.....and I think this may be a fresh idea, but not very sure. So basically I want a plugin that allows you to befriend peaceful mobs and to never let them despawn and maybe have configuration to change the amount of each mob you can tame/befriend like if I give a cookie to a villager maybe he will follow me around and kill bad guys. And then when they die you will be notified how they died such as if "CaptainSparklez" killed a pig that I befriended or a wolf I tamed it will notify me that he killed it. Maybe have a configurable item to tame/befriend each and every animal and to have configurable messages. (Possible permission nodes for each mob as well would be nice like a pet enderdragon. to have the perm "Avenger.Enderdragon", although maybe enderdragons aren't possible, iConomy/Multiverse support too please) Here is a list of items I think would work with all the mobs. Maybe lose money for taming/befriending them? (Configurable) Thanks to anyone who can and does make this possible or gives me a link because this has a really really really slight chance of existing...I hope this is worth making a plugin for. I would totally use it!

    Pig - Maybe saddles tame them?
    Cow - long grass (Heals it?)
    Squid - Ink (Heals it?)
    Sheep - Dyes
    Chicken - eggs
    Mooshroom - bonemeals (Heals it?)
    Ocelot - Fish (Heals it?)
    Wolf - Bones (Any food heals it?)
    Villager - Cookies (Heals it?)
    SnowMan/IronGolem - Well, you create them don't you? (Snow/Iron Heals them?)
    Enderman - Eye of Enders (Heals it?)
    Zombie Pigman - Health Potions (Heals it?)
    Ghast - Flint and steels (Heals it?)
    Blaze - Fire Charges (Heals it?)
    Magma Cube - Lava buckets (Heals it?)
    Creeper - GunPowder (Heals it?)
    Electrified Creeper - Tnt (Heals it?)
    Cave Spider - Poison Potions
    Spider - String (Heals it?)
    SilverFish - Raw food (Heals it?)
    Skeleton - Enchanted bows or arrows or Bones? (Bones heal it?)
    Slime - Slimeball (Maybe makes it stronger or make it grow bigger?) (Heals it?)
    Zombie - Rotten Flesh (Heals it?)
    Giant - Rotten Flesh (Heals it?)
    Enderdragon - Ender Egg (Eye of Ender heals it?)

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