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    Suggested name: Arcane Levitator (or you choose)

    Plugin category: Fun! And Mechanics

    What it is: Basicly the bukkit version of the FTB Arcane Levitator. A player walks into the levitator and floats on up to the floor of his choosing.

    How it would work: To make one, a player would place a diamond block with a iron pad on top. All the blocks above would be filled with portal particles (floating up if thats possible) all the way up to 10 blocks high. The particles would get less as they went up the blocks. When a player walked into any of the Arcane Levitator particle blocks they would be pushed up about the same speed as flying up but not affected by speed modifiers such as potions. When the player floated to where he wanted he could just walk out. If a player wanted the lift to go higher then 10 blocks then all the player would have to do is place a gold block anywhere above the levitator base (the the particle part) and it would take the gold block as payment and remove it and add +10 to the lift hight. If a player jumped out he would take fall damage as normal but if he jumped into one it would stop him and push him up. It would also have to be compatible with nocheat+. Sold blocks should stop the lift but blocks you can pass through should do nothing.

    Why it would be so cool: Well to put it simple its fun, easy, user friendly and it looks cool! Some lift plugins give you lots of commands to run, let just let you make one for free or just have you build this complex elevator and press buttons allll the way up. With this you just place 2 blocks and float your marry way up to the heavens.

    When I need it by: I don't need it at any specific time. This is more for everyone not just me. I guess within 7 days or so would be great.

    Some super cool ideas that would make this plugin even more super cool :p. (These are not needed just wanted)

    - A reload cmd like /al reload
    - help like say you made anArcane Levitator and tell them to type /al for more info. Also have list of blocks add-ons you can add like /al blocks
    - config changing what blocks do what. Also support for meta tag (ex. 7:5) date so people can add there own custom crafting if they want and a "none" option to turn that block add-on off. Also config for the default speed the lift goes at.
    - ability to toggle in the config higher speeds the closer you are to the base.
    - Press shift when in the lift to go down
    - when stepping on a iron pad right in font of a partial block to toggle it to take you down until someone hits to base pad at the bottom. (this way people can go up and down. If some doesn't hit the pad at the base coming out the next person would.
    - Support for entities like drops, minecarts, mobs and so on.
    - Redstone to turn it off when powered and on when on not powered.
    - Emerald block add-on to make it faster (add-on is placing the block in the lift part and the block being taken)
    - Add a redstone block to cut the lift off where you place it.
    - lapis block to push you out when going up (really cool if entities such as drops and mobs are supported) (may need a a chest gui with the arrow player heads to choose what direction) (Probably don't want it to push people that are going down out though)
    - Add a coal block to open a chest gui to remove block add-ons from it
    - config things about the blocks like how fast the emerald block adds. If you can get the blocks back with a coal block. How much the gold block adds. If people going down get pushed out by the lapis blocks add-on.
    - config a sound it makes when you are in the lift
    - config what lift particles are used
    - make the player bob up and down once he's at the top like hes swimming in water.

    Note: I would like this to be public on BukkitDev. I would like it be free for any use even modifying and commercial use. It would also be cool if you gave a link to this thread to give me a little credit but you don't have to.

    Micah :D

    This is possible right? I know there are plugins that launch you where you care looking when you walk over a block or something and some that launch in the are like /lift.

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    Okay thanks JaguarJo. You guys should add that to the forums read me thing. That wasn't even really meant as a bump anyways it was a comment about my post. On the read me all it says is "(don't bump constantly!)".
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    Wow this is a great idea! :p I wish I knew java I would make this for you... :(
    I would so use this on my server like all the time! Some please make this!
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    Thanks! :) I know I wish some more people would see this!
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    I want it too!
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    Harrison015 Megan_girl Thanks guys! I have a friend thats said he would make it! :D Lets see what happens! :)
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    Post it here when it is made, including the updates. :D
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    Harrison015 Ya I hope he puts it on Bukkit Dev but we will see its really up to him seeing that hes doing it for free!

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