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    Suggested name: MobSpeeds

    What I want: I would like just a simple plugin to change the speeds of different mobs :)! A config file would be needed also so that you can change the speed!
    Also, if it would be possible change how far hostiles can spot you.
    So you can change it to like 500 blocks or 20 blocks.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed.


  2. Why do you need it for?Is it for a arena game thingy like MineZ?
  3. Yes kinda but a bit different...
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    This MineZ plugin requests are starting to piss me of T_T'
  5. I already needed this plugin without hearing about MineZ I am not trying to copy them because I already started making my server before them :)!
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    It is actually impossible (from what I know) to make mobs faster. Their A.I doesnt let them take advantage of moving faster.
  7. Then how did Mine Z do it?
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    Mobs 2x Speed when they get hurt.
    public void onEntityDamage(EntityDamageEvent event){
    if(!(event.getEntity() instanceof Player)){
    I might make this... Haven't decided yet.

    How much memory do you have. And how many people do you want playing... When you get entities beyond 100 blocks you rake in quiet a few entities. So sorting them might be a bit intense, even rethreaded.
  9. Im actually planing on having around 64 slots, but I would buy the server if I am doing that. My computer can hold quite alot of stress actually... Please make this a plugin :)?
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    My server makes adventure maps and I would really also appreciate it if this plugin was made. We need a more scary zombie feel on "The Outbreak".
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    I need that too!
    A good idea with the spot thing :)
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    Well, I actually HAVE a MineZ type plugin. There is one out there that has thirst, speed (does not work for some reason) and also spawns a zombie where the player dies. However, the zombie does not hold the players inventory, so the player drops on death. I am now following the plugin, and not to be much of an ass, but i am not looking to disclose what the plugin is. Sorry for you MineZ copycats, and sorry for the people who hold true to MineZ, because last time I checked MineZ is a knockoff of DayZ.

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