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    Don't get me wrong, I've used Spout off and on but right now, my server isn't using it. Here's the problem: Anyone with Spoutcraft can join our server and have a mini-map. Its pretty much cheating on a pvp/factions server.

    Suggested Name: DenySpout

    What I Want: A plugin that detects someone using Spoutcraft and kicks them out with the message "You don't need Spoutcraft client on this server."

    Commands: No commands needed

    Permissions: I don't think any are needed at this time.

    Please let me know if you think this is doable.
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    This is not doable I believe, or at least not without Spout, which would be pretty ironic. I don't even see why you would want this, SpoutCraft can't do anything without the Spout plugin anyway (except /client gc, and that just gets rid of client-side memory usage)
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    it's not just Spout, there are all sorts of minimaps (Rei's, etc.), so you'd need to find a way to disable all of them, even custom ones :)
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    I'll take your word for it. I only requested it because in the past people have asked if it was ok to run Spoutcraft on our non-spout server and use a mini-map inside it. I didn't know you need the server part to actually run the min-map feature in Spoutcraft.

    Thanks for the response :)
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    Hmm.. Actually, it is possible for them to run non-Spout dependant addons, I didn't think of that, if you install Spout, it is blockable however, but as I was saying, that would be pretty ironic.
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    Blocking Spoutcraft just because of the minimap is silly. You have a permission node on the server via SpoutPlugin that can block usage of the minimap. I'd be more worried about users using other manually installed client mods and hacks.
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    Rei's mini map has a block code receiver (So does zombe's pack). There's a plugin that transmits block codes to the client without using spout.

    Here's the devbukkit for it: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/sbc/
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    Yep it would be. I'm honestly just glad there was responses at all though. Compared to my other requests, where one has at least 200 views and the other is creeping close to that, this thread got replied to in the same day. That is a new record for me. Although I'm sure it had to do with the request and the title. Still, if only people showed the same interest in other plugin requests.

    Haha, yeah. I was mainly curious. We have NoCheatPlus installed and I'm aware of clients other than the minimap that comes with Spoutcraft. Now if someone ever wonders the same thing, they will search and find this thread, question answered.

    Thank you very much for the link. I remember seeing this released and completely forgot about it.
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    How exactly would a minimap be cheating...?
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    The minecraft world will look so bland with out bukkit and spout working together.
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    Hey, n00b. The server has to send the chunks to the client and the client can do whatever it wants with the chunks.

    Not doable.

    Before somebody says do an orebfuscator for minimaps that wouldn't work either.
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    Actually, obfuscater would work for anything underground on a minimap, it works by sending different chunks to the player.
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    Glad as always to oblige my friends and neighbors. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/36903976/DenySpout.jar
    Auto kicks all SpoutCraft users with You don't need Spoutcraft client on this server."
    I did it ages ago.
    I told you it would come in handy for at least one thing :p
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    Yeah it would work for the cave part but that doesn't sound like the problem here.
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    Wow thanks man! Really appreciate that :D

    To everyone else:
    Look at my other requests and seriously tell me if they're doable or not.
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    As for blocking the other mini-maps (e.g. Rei's, which doesn't use Spout), how about scrambling the coordinates sent between the player and server? This won't block the overhead map view, but will at will at least render their long-range waypoint navigation feature useless.
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    Sorry guys, Spout broke this.
    Instead I'll make a standalone plugin to block all Spout cheats.

    Never fear, I got creative, version 2:

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    Has this been updated for 1.3.1? Very useful plugin.. please keep up the good work!
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    I don;t think it has very good connotations as a full blown plugin release.
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    ;) you should
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    Unfortunately, we need the use SpoutPlugin on our server :(, but we want to denied the Spoutcraft client.
    I tried DenySpout but it is in conflict with SpoutPlugin, its there a way to use SpoutPlugin with DenySpout?
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    Put it on BukkitDev!!!!

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