[REQ] forests won't fire or planted trees won't fire

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by oglop, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Hello I would like to have plugin that will guard forests from fire
    I think it is possible to make this plugin because of choptree works for trees
    Chop tree is detecting if block of wood have leaves from 2 sides => it is maybe tree so choptree works

    I thik anti forest fire can works similar way maybe tree can be defined if the wood will be connected with at least 4 leaves blocks then it will be a tree and other connected leaves and wood blocks won't be affected by fire.

    thank you
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    use worldguard....
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    as I sad world guard don't have "tree" support it's supporting only whole blocks => you will make a wood cottage and it won't be burnable :)

    from world guard..\/
    disable-lava-fire-spread boolean false 1.0 Disable lava from causing fires.
    lava-spread-blocks list [] 1.0 List of block IDs to allow lava to spread to. If the value of this is not defined, then lava spread behavior will be unaffected.
    disable-fire-spread-blocks list [] 1.0 List of block IDs that can be burned. If the value of this is not defined, then fire spread behiavor will be unaffected.
    disable-all-fire-spread boolean false 1.0 Disable all fire spread.

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