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    Hello i have a Request and here it is:

    A football Plugin, where you can "shoot" (Move 2-3 blocks) a block with a stick (wand) in your hand. If the block touches the doorblock (Which should be setable in the propertis or yml) it counts a goal and the footballblock respawns on the setted place. It already exists for CanaryMod and its called BlockBall.


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    interesting idea i think i will do this(i have time in 2hours to try this out), maybe you can think a bit about how the goals will be shown and when the game ends, maybe different game mods? Or should the teams arranged before the game starts or can everybody join during the game...
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    Everybody should be able to Join during the game. The Goals should be count in chat (If the blockball touches the redstone for the red goal it counts a goal for the blue team) and the ball should respawn on a defined point after every goal (Maybe setable with a ingame command). The score should be shown up with /score and maybe there are some commands like /scorerefresh etc. for OP's. A game should end after 5 Goals (Or more).

    Thanks for trying it.

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