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    It'd be awesome if there were a way to build up a finish attack bar of some sort , then when the opponent is on 1 heart or less they were frozen for 10 seconds in which time the winner could decide if they want to finish them in some extra foul manor

    i.e setting them on fire, hitting them with lightning or maybe be ravaged by a pack of wolves
    which could then be broadcast to the world

    [Fatality] [player] [finisher name]

    Let them live

    [Mercy] [winning player] shows [losing player] mercy

    Maybe I've been playing Mk too much or maybe this is genuinely a good idea.

    thanks for reading
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    This is indeed awesome. Maybe giving the losing player 'godmode' for the 10 secs and letting the winning player do his actions. Like right-clicking with lightstone dust will use one of it, but'll produce one more lightning hitting the punished player.
    Same for leather calling a angry wolf at them, or flint producing one wave of fire...
    Awesome =D

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