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    I would like to formally suggest a plugin!

    This plugin would allow administrators to control many aspects of farming that are currently hard to control. All relating to the farming of goods (trees,wheat,sugar,mushrooms)

    This aspect of the game is largely untouched by plugins except for automatic farming plugins and chest pickup plugins.

    I suggest that the config for this plugin allow you to modify the growth rate of each of these items, what they drop. The maximum number that can grow within a chunk (limit farm size), and change what blocks they can grow on (prevent mushrooms in the nether).

    There are a lot of other things that could potentially go in this plugin but I think it should remain small and not conflict with other more advanced plugins that deal with farming.

    I have my own developer that can provide assistance (he doesn't really work with plugins much but he is capable of looking into issues). I can also provide a test server / production server to test this plugin on.

    I appreciate any devs that are willing to take the time to read this, or better yet take on the project!
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    I kind of see what you want here. So you want a plugin that detects when a user plants something, and through a config file, the planted crop will grow faster and will drop different items when they are broken? I could probably whip something like that up easily, along with not letting farms being made in the Nether, but doing chunk-limitation isn't something that is easy or that practical in my opinion... Either way, if you want me to go ahead and try to make a plugin that contains most of the requested features, let me know!
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    Yea if its something you'd be willing to do. The limited farm size was something I was thinking would be nice to prevent players from making 200 x 200 sugar cane farms everywhere but we can enforce that other ways.

    The big thing I'm wanting to do with this is slow down growth rate. I want it to be built in a way its flexible for other servers to use but my main goals for my production server are as follows.
    • Make sugar cane grow slowers
    • Make wheat grow slower
    • Make mushrooms spread slower
    • Prevent mushrooms from growing in the nether.
      • 1st method
        • Nether Wheat = True / False
        • Nether Sugar = True / False
        • Nether Trees = True / False
        • Nether Flowers = True / False
        • Nether Grass = True / False
        • Nether Mushrooms = True / False
      • 2nd method
        • Possible block grow rules
          • Mushrooms only spread on = 1 ,3,4

    Appreciate you considering this plugin!
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    I'll definitely give this a shot, seems like a really cool idea. The "grow slower" implementation will probably take a long time to perfect, but hopefully it'll work out in the end. Expect something of a demo version of the plugin before the end of the week! :D
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    Alright just PM me if you need anything or want to test a version!
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    I got all the coding done for: materials growing in nether, slowing the spread/growth of materials, and only allow materials to spread on specified blocks. Materials being farming blocks, like sugarcane/trees/wheat, and the rest you listed above. I'll run a ton of tests on them, and probably optimize all the code tomorrow, but you can expect something of a demo very soon! :D
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    Is this completely inactive by now? I'd love to see something that could limit the speed of grass growth but not wheat and stuff like that.
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    Very soon :0
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    Hey, im still looking for a mod to slow the growth of plants. Any tips?

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