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    What it does: I'd like it to either be a physical bank for players to store experience they get so when they die they don't lose all of it (Like a chest kind of) or like a mental bank where it does what it says above but it's not a block, it's not something the player "interacts" with.

    Uses: It could help a lot for enchanting weapons and tools because you wouldn't lose all the exp every time you die. For showing off your high levels to friends or maybe for another experience plugin.

    Commands: Maybe something like this.
    To store exp: /expb store (level) or /expb store (all/half/ect)
    To take exp from bank: /expb take (level) or /expb take (all/half/ect)
    Admin commands:
    /expb clear (name/all) (clears all experience out of bank or banks)
    /expb search (name) (searches the amount of exp in users bank)

    Or anything else you want to add or none of them.

    Well thanks for reading reply if you like the idea or if your planning to do it!
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    This would be really simple to code. I might try it after my current project.
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