[REQ] Exact Firstspawn without breaking bedspawns

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Zothen, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Hello Gentlebeings!

    Im urgently looking for a plugin that can set an exact spawn for first time player logins WITHOUT breaking the vanilla bedrespawns.
    I think Ive tested every plugin that can set a spawn but all of them break the vanilla bedrespawn behaviour.

    Does anybody have a solution for this?
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    Father Of Time

    This can be done with essentials using /setspawn and altering the "RespawnInBed" variable in Essentials config to true. I am positive this is possible because it's how my server is configured.

    research essentials a little more thoroughly, I can only imagine it's simple a configuration issue.
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    /setspawn newbies
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    Well, weird thing is - Essentials has no "RespawnInBed" variable. And in case you mean "bed-sethome" it breaks the native bedrespawns, cos the respawn will still be there when you remove the bed!
    Thanks, but Ive researched the plugins "more thoroughly"!

    So, anybody who can help?
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    Father Of Time

    Then can't you turn off "bed-sethome", turn off "/sethome" and then use /setspawn? The player won't be able to set their home to override the beds home, the bed won't set their home so it won't override the vahnilla, and since the home is only being set by the vanilla bed sleeping mechanism it should work as you desire, an initial spawn location for first time players that is only overridden when a player has slept in a bed that still exist upon their death.

    I do apologize, I made suggestions that weren't 100% accurate because I was at work and didn't have access to the proper documentation, but I still do believe what you ask is doable simply by configuring essentials properly.

    Try disabling anything and everything that has to do with home, make it so the only thing that controls home is the vanilla bed sleeping mechanics, then only use essentials to "/setspawn", which will allow you to chose where new players spawn at, but once they've slept in a bed they will spawn at the beds location from their forward (unless the bed is destroyed).

    I've not tested this, so please feel free to dismiss my advice if you don't want to go on another wild goose chase, but if I were you I would attempt this next before moving onto developing an entire plug-in for this issue.
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    I wouldnt request a plugin without having already tried everything.

    The problem is the first login of a player to a world. Essentials - and no other plugin - catchs this spawn (to prevent the usual scattering without breaking bedspawns). My guess would be that its not the same code as the later respawns on death. The respawns work precisely and on the exact point where I set them.

    Essentials can NOT set an exact spawn on the first login to a world. In case you can set that up with Essentials Im glad when you show me how you did it, but so far nobody has done that with Essentials, yet. (remember, vanilla bedspawn must stay intact as it is.)
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    Theres no /setspawn newbies...
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    In essentials, if good configured, that set where spawn a player when he connect the first time on server.

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