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    I looked at the furnace. Then I looked at the pearl. Back at the furnace. Back at the pearl. Furnace. Pearl. Furnace. Pearl. I GOT IT! Wouldn't it be great if the Pearl could be used as a fuel? I am currently unsure about how possible this is, so please give me some feedback!
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    I endorse this idea if its a possible future plugin to make use of it in the meantime.
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    I think that the pearl should be just as strong as coal. Or should it be wood?
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    I was thinking between coal & lavabucket.
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    I'm not sure if it's possible to create a new power of fuel with Bukkit. Hmm, i wish there was a dev here :p
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    Yeah,we need a dev here...

    Anyway, should be possible to run the smelting code manually, with a custom time value! :)
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    Sweet! Are you going to work on that?
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    Anyone want to work on this plugin?
  9. I would like to see a plugin, where you can add new fuels to furnaces, like


    in a config file.

    so in your case it would be

    Enderpearl,-1; for infinite fuel from pearls.

    I'd add stuff like, seeds, leaves, vines, flowers :[
    it's just stupid they can't be used already since sapling work??
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    I like that idea, if it isn't done when my exams finish in a few weeks I'll look into it.
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    Sounds like an idea, I've been looking in on furnaces ever since I started coding bukkit plugins. One look at the source class files for bukkit may do it.

    Meh so far I could only find a way to make a new furance recipe. Must keep looking...

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    Ask the author of the plugin O mention earlier, he has code to do it!
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    iThanks for the feedback! I looked at the plugin and it isn't quite what I would like, so something where an ender pearl is between the strength of coal and lava would be awesome!
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    He found a way, but he hasn't added it yet, but I know for sure he will add it!!!
  16. Oh right well I've found a way but I'll wait to see if his is better :p my involves changing the item into a burnable item when its placed in the furnace (and to prevent people 'converting' items I'd come up with a way of remembering the original item so if its removed before burning it changes back).
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    well u could just make it so u point at a furnace and do /lite or somthing. then it would take the item out of ur hand and set the furnace to burn for x number of seconds...i think that would wrk. if ur interested just tag/quote me
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