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    Greetings bukkit members! I have a plugin request for you. Its a plugin that uses NPCs as shops, that which you can buy enchantments from.

    From the shops, you can choose which enchantment you want, and what level. It costs more per level. The shops would be owned by admins only, and they can set what enchantments they want to sell, and at what price.

    There are three different Enchantment Shops, one to cater to each different set of Enchantments (Armor / Tools / Sword)
    To view what an Enchantment Shop is selling, you need to walk near the NPC, and when it says 'Welcome To My Store' you can then type:
    /ebuy list
    To buy an Enchantment;
    /ebuy <Enchantment Name> <Level>
    This auto-matches, and will scale the level down to the maximum allowed for that item.

    For example, i could type;
    /ebuy knock 12
    It would give my currently held item Knockback II, as that is the maximum.

    You can get every enchantment possible at max level on an item, by buying them one at a time.

    Buying Knockback I twice wont give Knockback II. You have to buy knockback II to get it.

    As for permissions, i would prefer anything except PEX. I use essentials group manager, and the bridge that allows the use of plugins that support permissions 3.1.6 and superperms etc. Also i would like it that players buy enchantments using iConomy 6. So intergration with that would be great.


    Also, as a very last request, i would like a good suggestion for a plugin that allows npc shops. (that sells items).

    I have tried citizens, and i like it, but it isnt up to date and has many errors.
    Also maybe instead of right clicking the npc to access shops, you get a list of cmds.
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    you can look into Enchanter and probably work it into Citizens to create NPCs that will do what your asking I just did it with Signs Goodluck
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    I know nothing of coding lol so thats why i posted this request. I am seeking other developers to make this :) and i wish anyone luck who attempts making it.

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