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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by vrox, Jun 11, 2011.

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    I have a slightly PvP server, and I wish for a more organized and fair way of fighting.

    Id like a plugin which allows players to request duels from other players using some command (/duel <player>, for example)

    They should be able to agree on certain terms, such as no food, no commands, only certian weapons (or none at all), or whatever else you can think of.

    Stakes would be nice as well. I use iConomy, and being able to bet money on the duel would be cool.

    Additionally (and if you don't include this, I don't mind too much), some kind of champion title would be nice to have. Like a prefix or suffix on someones name. The only way to get it is to beat someone with it (an admin would start out with it). If you are the champion, you cannot turn down a duel, but can decide on all the terms, maybe?
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    Interesting idea.
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    Sounds very possible.
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    Does that mean you can make it?
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    Be cool if you kept the title "Champion" for a limited while once you won a duel, for bragging rights . :)
    Hope a dev picks this up, I would use it.
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    Nice idea! Would love something like this
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    I'm working on it. Currently here's how the system goes:

    *One person challenges with /duel challenge player. It only works if the other person is online and within 10 blocks.
    *Other person receives notfication. In order to make the process work in both ways, the other person confirms with /duel challenge player.
    *Both players are notified that they can now set duel parameters.
    *Players set parameters with /duel set <parameter> <on/off>
    *When both players have run /duel confirm, the battle begins.
    *A winner is declared if either person walks more than 20 blocks from the starter's original position
    OR either person dies
    OR if either person logs out.
    *I may make a timeout at which point no winner is declared.
    *Finally make transfers.

    I think there will be the following parameters to start out:
    *wolves - whether or not wolves will aid their attackers.
    *stake - what each player is staking. (iConomy)
    *death - whether or not actual death occurs, aka loser loses items.
    *food - whether or not food is allowed.
    *armor - whether or not armor is allowed.
    *weapons - whether or not weapons can be in the quick bar.

    After /duel confirm, I may also add a stage where each person must comply with all the settings and then type /duel start. This way, they could also review the settings and be sure that they agree.

    Currently I have it working that the duel is over when either player dies. I haven't done anything else, but the request process is functional as stated above. I'll have a github repo made for it shortly, so you can see my progress. I really like the idea of this plugin, and it's exactly what my server needs to have safe pvp.

    EDIT: I got the github repository up. I'd love it if someone put it on a test server and gave me some input. Notice it's version 0.0.1. This is NOT STABLE in any sense. It is a dev build and it's not even complete software yet. It shouldn't break anything but I'd advise against putting it on a production server quite yet.

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    Thanks! Can you make the distance they can leave configurable though? Or make it distance from the other player, not the starting point?

    Ill try to see if I can test it out with some of my friends tomorrow and give feedback on the bugs and such.
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    I plan on making everything configurable. About movement from the other person, I thought about that, but wht if it's the other person move away from you? Maybe I could trigger it for only the person who moves. I'll look into it tomorrow. BTW I just added items kept on death setting with /duel set keepitems <true/false>. I don't know if it works because it took some weird methods to get past a little problem with bukkit.

    EDIT: Distance away from each other will work as expected if one person is moving from the other. If both players flee from each other, however, all bets are off on who will get triggered and lose.

    EDIT: I also added iconomy support this morning, though I have no idea what will happen if iconomy isn't enabled or installed. I added null checks throughout the system to prevent problems but I'd need it tested.

    EDIT: I made a submission thread for Duels. It's coming along nicely, and it's to the point where you can actually use it. You can check it out here.

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