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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Thea_Notix, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Would it be possible for someone to create a world generator for me which has ocean level at about 100/90 -ish rather than 64, so that cave systems can be deeper! (Also still spawning dungeons - possibly slightly bigger ones, and bedrock ones - and strongholds would be excellent!)

    Of course this would mean flattening hills and mountains, but I would still want trees to generate!

    It would also be nice to have the ores generate is slightly larger (25%?) veins (Maybe Configurable Ores, Areas and chances? So others can have worlds how they want them!), and spawn in slightly different areas.

    Coal - anywhere
    Gold - 80 and below
    Iron - 80 and below
    Lapis - 40 and below
    Redstone - 40 and below
    Diamonds - Normal Height
    Netherrack - Near Lava (Not sure if this is possible, if not same levels as lava!)
    Lava - 40 and below, rarely 80 and below
    Water - 100/90 and below, rarer below 40

    If someone could make this plugin it would make a dwarven/underground server a lot easier to manage! If not, I'll just have to try MCediting something...

    I apologise if I have missed off some vital information, If I have just ask!
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    not sure if I would go changing spawn high ratios but definitely deeper worlds, we got a bit more sky hight but the underground is still basically the same depth and I don't know about you but the more space we have to build underground the better, its called minecraft not skycraft after all ;)
    so basically I second a world generator that would service up to 512 total world hight if possible
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    this doesnt make the cave systems deeper, this basicly puts a big layer of stone/dirt/grass on the cave system.
    becaus when you make stuff spawn above the normall level the caves dont go there(i think, correct me if im wrong on this)
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    Necro; this is from Nov 2011. User hasn't been on since April.
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    yeah Its a shame that things haven't changed much

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