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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Huw Huwson, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Huw Huwson

    Could someone please create a mod with which you can add your own custom paintings on your server. I know this is available in the Vanilla single player, but haven't seen one for Bukkit. My friend and I (I run the server) are trying to create an art gallery and would like to include some of our own images in it.

    Thanks in advance! [diamond]
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    Graphics are client sided ;)
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    This would be possible with ItemCraft I suppose... +1 for the idea
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    Notch stated this might become possible in the future because of the implementation of maps.

    On the other hand, maps cannot be placed on walls (like paintings) yet, as was mentioned as well.
    When placing maps on walls is possible custom paintings will come in range as well (painting item, with 64 k worth of 'damage' values to distinct between the different paintings)

    It would still require implementation in the client ofcourse, so or you need to find someone to make a mod+plugin or wait untill Notch brings it (unlikely in 1.7, since that will be the 'adventure update').

    Try suggesting it to jeb/notch... perhaps you (we all) get lucky.
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    i guess that it's possible with the spout plugin?

    it would be cool if you could put in the config file (when the plugin exists) that it sends you a message via imessage if you agree to place the painting so it's not something sexual or has bad words on it

    i know you can do it with permissions, but i want the people to place custom paintings but that i get a message if i accept the placement

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