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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by raulx222, Jul 31, 2012.

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    I need I plugin to can restrict players to enter from another country, I want players who live in my country :)

    Thanks! And sorry for my bad english ;)
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    Haven't seen the progress of this plugin, but look for EasyBans
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    They can easily bypass that with a proxy from the whitelisted country.
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    Edit: Nevermind, I see why you'd want to do this.
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    Troll maybe? If you're not, how is this racist? -_-
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    I'm not a Troll, I just don't really see why you'd want to do this unless you were racist. :p
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    :/ I think he wants players who speak his language to join..
    If I lived in japan, I don't want french (France) people or English (USA) people to join.
    I want people who speak japan to join.
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    OHHHH, I see. That makes sense.
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    Who speak JAPANESE. :p

    And also.... Really? If I speak French on a Japanese server, no one will understand me and I will leave.

    One time, I joined a Spanish server. I know a bit of Spanish, having taken it in school. But regardless, I still left because I wasn't a native speaker of that language.

    Honestly, I can't see someone who speaks English contine to play on a Japanese-speaking server.

    Oh, and plugins like this exist already... Blocks the IPs of a country.
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    i get it...

    but use WorldEdit and WorldGuard.
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    That's the reason....and another reason it's, I want to stop bots entering on server;)

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