[REQ] Command based regeneration of blocks.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Roscoe1724, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Would anyone be up for the task of creating a plugin to do the following:


    /[command1] Takes a snapshot of all blocks in the explored world, less containers and Ore, and saves it.

    One week and several TNT explosions later...

    /[command2] Reverts the world back to how it was a week ago.


    Idealy I would love this plugin to support 'Towny' so that instead of recording ALL blocks in the known world, it would only record the blocks within each towns limits so that when war mode is initiated, people can blow the crap outta each others towns, but after the war ends, all damage is reverted back to how it was, as though nothing had ever happened.

    Would love you soooooo much if this was created!
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    ever thought of backups? make a backup of your map, start destroying the heck out of it and replace it with your back up...works fine on my server.
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    Yeah, but that includes chests and other containers, right?
    Which means can effectively dupe items.
    Once the backup is made, they remove items from containers. When the world is restored, they have double the items.
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    No. If you backup the world, destroy it, then bring in the old one, it should not have duped any items. None at all. There is a pretty big issue if it does...
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    I think he means that the players have the items in their inventory, and if he is using any type of Multi-World, it usually means that the saves for the player aren't in the world save, duping the items.
    But I don't think It would mean that anymore. I'll test in a bit.
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    just tell them to clear their inventory before you make the back up (so all the items they posses are stored in chests) and before you put the backup back in you delete everyones inventory
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    Thats exactly what I mean. Im not using multiworld but yeah, if players use their inventory it will dupe.

    And asking player to clear their inventory is not an option. We dont do trust! :p
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    this would have nothing to do with trust (as sadly as is it may sound, i wouldn't trust any of my players)....i think you missed the last part of my post.
    "before you put the backup back in you delete everyones inventory" telling them to get everything out of their inventory before making the backup ist just beeing nice, so they don't loose everything they had.

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