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    Lynet ArchAngel

    Hey guys, its Lynet

    I have been looking trought tons of fraction plugins but i cant just find anything that interests me.
    so heres an idea of a plugin request.

    Make it so you can buy "Clan" tag ingame with iConomy and it ends up as a suffix
    Example: &e[Owner]-LynetThunder"&0[TA-O]" thats an owner tag, for whoever buys it.
    &c[Admin]-Nameless"&0[TA]" thats a member tag.
    So whoever wanna make a clan buy the ownertag with iConomy money and gets the option to do:
    Example: /Clan create Fullname<ThunderAngels> Shortname<TA> Colorcode<0> and it ends up with this of his name: &e[Owner]-LynetThunder&0[TA-O]
    There can not be more then 1 of each FullName or ShortName, and make it so the shortname have to between 1-3latters [or configurable]

    To join a clan you the owner type in like: /Clan invite playername<Nameless>
    Then the one who is been invited type: /Clan Accept, and get charged with whatever the tag schould be up to.

    You can not be in more then 1 clan so if you want to join another clan you simply just type
    example: /clan leave, then accept the other request.

    Include this commands if someone make it: [if u dont want the command to be "/clan" change it.
    /Clan help - Shows all ur aviable clan commands
    /Clan Create <FullName> <ShortName> <ColorCode> - Create ur clan
    /Clan Invite <PlayerName> - Invites a player
    /Clan Accept - Accepts an invite
    /Clan Deny - Deny an invite
    /Clan Top <nr> - Shows the top X
    /Clan Leave - Leave a clan
    /Clan Join <ClanName> - Ask the clan to join it
    /Clan Remove - removes your clan.
    /Clan {admin commands} if you want to add any, not sure what command that will be [if any at all]

    Make it support:
    -Permissions / GroupManager

    My spelling and English is bad sorry, if u didnt understand anything, plz just reply and il try and explain more.!


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